Calling all explorers, truth-seekers, and also tvery own eccentrics! It’s time to uncover out which character from Gravity Falls you are:



You’re Dipper Pines!

Adventurous and also ever-curious, your hunt for the truth leads you from one mystery to the following. Your fascicountry through Gravity Falls has actually gone beyond the scientific: currently, you view it as your second house. You occasionally disagree via your twin sister Mabel, however at the finish of the day your love for each various other conquers any type of obstacle. Even Bill Cipher.­

You’re Mabel Pines!

You obviously have actually shrewd taste in boy bands, and are up-to-date on all the latest sweater trends. You think in the undying power of friendship, and that glitter provides every little thing much better. Your finest frifinish is a pig named Waddles—he’s adorable! You choose to tease your twin brvarious other Dipper, however that’s just your means of reflecting you love him.

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You’re Grunkle Stan!

Jackpot, kidperform. You’re the actual deal, the genuine short article. As the owner of the Mystery Shack, you’re a organic showmale and also entrepreneur. So what if your attractions are all fake? You provide the civilization what they desire. You’ll defend your family at all costs, even if they’re occasionally annoying. You’ve obtained a heart as gold as your chain.

You’re Soos Ramirez!

That’s favor, entirely awesome, dude! You’re a stellar DJ, frifinish to the Pines family members, and also you love your abuelita. You see all the weird stuff that’s going on in Gravity Falls and regularly acagency the Pines kids on their adendeavors. You’re an excellent handyman and also advantageous in a pinch. Nice job, dude!

You’re Wendy Corduroy!

You’re the coolest person in Gravity Falls. Brave, rebellious, and sometimes work-averse, you enjoy spfinishing time through your friends and partying. You’re dependable and also straightforward to hang out through, specifically once the activity entails rule-breaking. Your apocalypse survival abilities are unparalleled. Hopecompletely you won’t must use them!

You’re Li’l Gideon!

Aww look at you, being adorable and also whatnot. Also, exceptionally evil and bent on ruining the Pines family, summoning Bill Cipher, and judgment Gravity Falls at all expenses. But don’t let that detract from your cuteness! When you’re up tbelow on the phase, the crowd goes wild for you.

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You’re Bill Cipher!

Uh-oh. Something should have actually gone wrong. It appears you’re an evil, multi-dimensional demon from the Nightmare Realm. You’ve gained a snappy feeling of fashion and also humor, though!

You’re Old Man McGucket!

Well slap on your ideal gopher shoes and also obtain ready for the hootenanny! You’re eccentric, and also you love shim-shamming and also scrap-doodling! You’re a staple of the tvery own, and it wouldn’t be Gravity Falls without you.

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