I had to look it up. Not that I didn’t understand what it meant yet because I wanted a clearer image for the word.

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weary – to be physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain


I feel weary.

A full blown “I don’t feel great, this seaboy of life is difficult and also I’m feeling farther out in the deep than I’ve ever felt before” kind of weary.

Stretched in methods I never before dreamed.

Way exterior the borders of my recognized abilities.


In times when I feel weary, I look for out verses to aid me via. Verses that will certainly overview my heart, encourage my heart and speak fact to my heart.

Isaiah 43 is complete of amazing verses. Verses that share truth, hope and also the greatness of God. In fact, my favorite passage of scripture is discovered in Isaiah 43:1-3. A perfect “I feel weary” go to passage of scripture.

But, in analysis with this chapter, an additional verse spoke that I hadn’t noticed before.

The verse was Isaiah 43:22.

“…you have not wearied yourselves for me, O Israel.”

It felt highlighted to my eyes because of the word weary.

I thought… “Yes, yes… God, I am. I am wearying myself best currently. And this is awful. I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m fully weary, head to toe. And you WANT me here?”

Which led to me to take a good look at being weary. Why would God want me here? Why would he tell Israel that they weren’t weary for Him?

And, I felt the Holy Spirit sweetly whisper, “Because we can walk this together. I am through you. I will certainly be your stamina. I will assist you now. Tright here is power in weakness.”

Full blown weariness does somepoint to your brain. It forces you to look exterior yourself for stamina. Weariness pressures you to host tight to faith, hope and trust. Weariness provides you no choice yet to think that God is holding you up.

Weariness brings you to a place of full surrender, of humbleness, of neediness that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

And God WANTS me to weary myself? He wants me to be here?


I had to check out the verse aobtain.

Yes. He does desire a specific weariness for us all. Weariness that reflects we are offering our all and also weariness that establishes us a true require for Him, for the greatness of that He is in our times of need.

This isn’t a “intend God wanting us to suffer” thing.

This is a loving God wanting us to endure His complete power in our stays. He desires to show us we deserve to fully rely on Him and also not our very own toughness.

Remember, His power is perfect in weakness.

Of course, my head knows this to be true. I recognize that God needs our ALL. He desires our entirety selves to be pushed to the boundaries for the reason of the gospel. He wants warriors in the Kingdom who will certainly occupational until their dying breath for the sake of His Name.

We know that if we carry out that, it will be exhausting, wearying.

Being in the fight is physically, mentally, spiritually and also emotionally engaging in a method that will carry about whole body/mind/spirit weariness.

Living on the front lines will certainly bring you to that place of full surrender faster than anypoint.

A location of complete need for God to move and also assist in ways that ONLY our God have the right to do. A weariness that demands God’s toughness to step in so we are able to continue.

Then verse 24 claims, “…however you have burdened me through your sins and also wearied me via your offenses.”

Ouch. So God was informing Israel that they tend to foracquire around wearying themselves for God but fairly regularly live in a state of wearying God with their many type of sins, poor behavior, ungodly tendencies and all around self-sufficiency?

When Isaiah created this to Israel, the people were not relying on God for anypoint. They were refutilizing to provide up their spiritual rebellion and also were wearying God with their sin.


They were not weary FOR God fairly they were weary TO God.

Yet, God was calling them to sheight wearying Him and to start wearying themselves for Him. He was calling them to adjust and also repentance.

“But he said to me, “My grace is adequate for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Because of this I will boast all the even more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power might rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

The very same speak to, exact same question, exact same challenge is posed to us.

When we think about what does weary mean, we must think about it in a new means.

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Basically, when was the last time we wearied ourselves in service to Him?

Or, perform we simply weary the heart of God through our sins and offenses?

Are we willing to live weary for the gospel? Are we willing to be weary?

We have to ask these inquiries daily.

When we sense a self-sufficiency, a work in our very own toughness, a seakid of ease… we should wonder, are we willing to be weary?

What does weary suppose in relation to our spiritual walk with God?

Are we willing to weary ourselves for Him so we have the right to suffer His power in our lives?