VIG"IL, n. L. vigilia, vigil, walking, watchful; vigilo, to watch. This is formed on the root of Eng. wake. The main sense is to stir or exmention, to rousage, to agitate.

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1. Watch; devotion performed in the customary hours of rest or sleep.

So they in heav"n their odes and vigils tun"d.

2. In church affairs, the eve or evening before any kind of feastern, the ecclesiastical day start at 6:00 in the evening, and also continuing till the very same hour the complying with evening; for this reason, a religious company percreated in the evening coming before a holiday.

3. A fast oboffered on the day preceding a holiday; a wake.

4. Watch; forbearance of sleep; as the vigils of the card table.

Vigils or watchings of flowers, a term supplied by Linne to express a strange faculty belonging to the flowers of particular plants, of opening and also closing their petals at specific hrs of the day


VIG"ILANCE, n. L. vigilans. See Vigil.

1. Forbearance of sleep; a state of being awake.

2. Watchfulness; circumspection; attention of the mind in discovering and guarding against hazard, or offering for safety. Vigilance is a virtue of prime prestige in a general. The vigilance of the dog is no much less remarkable than his fidelity.

3. Guard; watch.

In at this gate none pass the vigilance below plac"d.


VIG"ILANCY, for vigilance, is not offered.


VIG"ILANT, a. L. vigilans. Watchful; circumspect; attentive to uncover and prevent peril, or to administer for safety.

Take your locations and be vigilant. Be sober, be vigilant.

1Peter 5.


VIG"ILANTLY, adv. supra. Watchfully; with attention to risk and the means of safety; circumspectly.

Definitions from Webster"s Amerideserve to Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.

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