Throw the Book at Someone Meaning

Definition: To punish someone as much as the laws or rules enable.

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Some laws or rules deserve to be rather lenient, depending on the judge or perkid in charge. If one throws the book at someone, it indicates that perboy has actually decided to be as strict as possible.

Origin of Throw the Publication at Someone Meaning

This expression originated in the initially half of the 1900s. The book referenced in this idiom describes a book of laws or rules. Because of this, the imagery of throwing a book at someone is just one of a judge throwing a book of regulations at a criminal as a punishment.

It is feasible to use this expression for any kind of form of punishment for which tright here are rules. However before, it is many common as soon as talking about a judge in a court of legislation picking to punish a criminal.

Instances of Throw the Book at Someone Meaning

In this example, two sisters are mentioning a frifinish who went to prichild.

Amy: Did you hear around what happened to Alan?

Kimberly: No. What was it?

Amy: The police recorded him drinking alcohol at a party. He was only two decades old at the moment, so they charged him with underage drinking. Nobody thought the judge would certainly punish him a lot, so he pleaded guilty. He intended to need to do area business. However, the judge wanted to make an instance out of him, so he threw the book at him. It’s not fair! Now he’ll be in jail for a long time.

In the second instance, 2 friends are pointing out the rules of their homeowners association.

Keira: This area requires all the homeowners to be a part of the homeowners association. You need to be careful bereason they have actually many rules.

Rory: What kind of rules?

Keira: For example, you need to have your trash bins out no earlier than 10 p.m., and take it back in prior to 8 a.m., on each trash pickup day.

Rory: What will they perform if you don’t comply?

Keira: They’ll throw the book at you! They’ll make you pay a fine, and also if you don’t do that, they’ll take you to court. It’s intense.

More Examples

This example is about punishing a young perboy who is also a criminal.

This excerpt is about the US government trying to soptimal confidential leaks.

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The phrase to throw the book at someone implies to punish someone as much as feasible as enabled by the regulation or set of rules.


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