With loved ones in the US southern, I constantly believed that the definition of "kissing cousin" was a second cousin (or more distant) whom you might kiss and consequently marry (FWIW I never before did either!).

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However before, a number of dictionaries have actually an extremely different definition: namely, a relation cshed sufficient to kiss on meeting (type of choose a hug, I gather). I never heard the term provided this means. Is it a current "invention"?


kissing cousin noun 1. A relative close enough to be kissed in salutation, hence anyone through whom a person is sensibly intimate: The two species will regularly prove to be kissing cousins, for they"ll crossbreed. You guys talk favor kissing cousins

TFD and also Oxford Dictionaries confirm The Thesaurus of Amerihave the right to Slang"s definition.

The closest referral I found to the concept I discussed was the stating of Cousin Marriage in Wikepedia.

Has any type of else heard the term used to describe cousins that can be married?

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The term usually means a blood relation that is remote sufficient that you deserve to fool around with, or indeed even marry / have actually youngsters via.

Your actual question:

Are the dictionaries wrong/incomplete?

Yes, this is an unusual situation wbelow, reportedly, all the referral works are just ordinary wrong.

Yes, the referral functions stated are totally, totally, wrong.

(Note: the idea that the expression regarded "greeting procedures" is completely nonsensical. The idea of Americans (currently or historically) "kissing" in greeting is absurd.)

So, say a boy "played doctor" via a complete sibling, or a complete first cousin. That would be incredibly disturbed and psychologists would be called-in.

But a "kissin" cousin" is a relative - distant sufficient - where it"s NOT a emotional emergency if tright here is some mild sexual involvement.

The term cheekily suggests the frischild of (exceptionally mild) incestuous sexuality.

Like any term, of course, it is provided in different ways:

(*) distantly connected enough that kids have the right to "play doctor"

(*) distantly associated sufficient that two people have the right to indeed have complete unsafeguarded sex-related intercourse

(*) distantly associated sufficient that, legally, 2 human being can acquire married

You require just look at the mentioned Elvis song which has astonishingly sexually raw lyrics.

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It - uh - playcompletely talks around light incest, for an instance of the consumption of the expression in question:


Well I"ve got a gal, she"s as cute as she can beShe"s a remote cousin.But she"s not too far-off via meWe"ll kiss all nightI"ll squeeze her tightBut we"re kissin" cousinsand that"s what makes it all rightAll best, all appropriate, all rightMy God, lyrics were explicit then.