Sectumsempra spell which is created by Severus Snape offered many type of times in Hogwarts history. It cuts the target’s body.

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Sectumsempra is utilizing for wounding the target. The spell creates cuts on the target’s body. Even it’s not forbidden, it’s not common in duels bereason of hurting the enemy incredibly seriously.

Sectumsempra spell was developed by Professor Severus Snape in his childhood years at Hogwarts. This spell which created by Snape simply in his student years, counts as one of the Snape’s a lot of effective spells.

Sectumsepra is supplied in nearly eexceptionally fight and duel. Between years 1996 – 1997, spell learned by Harry Potter via a book written by Severus Snape and also it isn’t taught in school. Harry Potter offered this spell versus Draco Malfoy for the initially time and wounded Malfoy extremely seriously.

When this spell casted, it creates cuts on the target’s body correspondingly with the wizard’s wand’s movements. Those cuts are not fatal but if it isn’t cured fast, wounded wizard could die because of blood lost.

Known Users of Spell

Harry PotterSeverus SnapeLord Voldemort

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