(Greek: kosmos to cosmos; "civilization, universe"; from its "perfect order and also arrangement"; to order, to arrange, to adorn; well-ordered, constant, arranged; skilled in adornment, which came right into English as cosmetic.)
Conveying a denial of the existence of the cosmos as distinct from God: According to this viewpoint, the phenomenal dualistic acosmic civilization is ultimately an illusion, regardless of the obvious truth it possesses at the mundane or empirical level.

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A term for cosmetics that have some sort of biotechnologically produced ingredient or that have a device of activity based on biologic principles: Many kind of biocosmetics have to undergo the very same scrutiny that a biopharmaceutical does prior to they deserve to be carried to sector.
1. Someone that considers the earth in its partnership to the world and also its celestial phenomena.2. Anyone who investigateways and studies the results of cosmic sensations on earthly life.
1. A scientific research that considers the earth in partnership to the universe and also its celestial phenomena.2. The investigation and also study of the effects of cosmic sensations on life.
1. The preservation, restoration, or bestowing of bodily beauty.2. The surgical correction of a disfiguring physical defect.3. A worry in therapeutics, specifically in surgical operations, for the appearance of the patient; for instance, a resort to an operation which will improve a person"s appearance.
1. A preparation; such as, powder or a skin cream that is designed to beautify the body by straight application: Cosmetics are substances particularly ready to improve, beautify, and also mainly rise the attractiveness of a perkid.Preparations of cosmetics are therefore intended to promote the health and beauty of the complexion, hair, hands, and nails of the hands and also even of the feet.2. Something superficial that is used to cover a physical deficiency or defect: Even males utilize cosmetics to enhance their physical appearances. 3. An item that is decorative fairly than functional: As a hobby, Henry likes to put unique fenders on cars that are cosmetic.
Any surgical operation directed at enhancing appearance, other than as soon as forced for the prompt repair of accidental injury or the development of the functioning of a malformed body part.
Imparting or enhancing beauty, particularly the beauty of the complexion: The pharmaceutical company had actually a distinct cosmetical preparation obtainable for customers.
1. Relating to, or making for beauty; particularly, of the complexion; beautifying.2: A referral to somepoint that is done, or made, for the sake of appearance; such as, correcting physical defects, especially of the challenge.
1. Someone that provides, or sells, cosmetics; or who applies them professionally.2. A person that works in a beauty parlor.
An professional who gives beauty treatments; such as, to the skin and also the hair; likewise well-known as a beautician.

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