: an instrument for measuring altitude specifically : an aneroid barometer designed to register alters in atmospheric press accompanying changes in altitude

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altimetry al-​ˈti-​mə-​trē
Recent Examples on the Web The helicopter accomplished its planned altitude of 10 feet (3 meters), according to the altimeter information, and hovered for a complete 30 secs, showing up steady. — BostonGlobe.com, 19 Apr. 2021 Many airplanes fly over Average Sea Level altitudes (MSL), the altimeter would certainly review 5,280 feet in Denver. — John Cox, USA TODAY, 18 Dec. 2020 The gadget additionally boasts a barometric altimeter and accelerometer. — Outdoor Life, 24 Feb. 2021 Those images, paired via monitorings from a LIDAR altimeter and an inertial measurement unit will aid Ingenuity make decisions about wright here to fly and, inevitably, where to land also. — Jennifer Leman, Popular Mechanics, 20 Feb. 2021 The lower sensor assembly has an altimeter, navigating camages, and a second IMU. — Jennifer Leman, Popular Mechanics, 20 Feb. 2021 The Series 6, which has a swim-proof style, also has actually better sleep tracking and also comes via an always-on Retina display and altimeter. — Melissa Lee, USA TODAY, 23 Oct. 2020 Mitigation can incorporate brand-new altimeter deindications and also changes to 5G base stations, Lee Nguyen, an FAA main, sassist in a comment appended to the RTCA report. — Helene Fouquet, Bloomberg.com, 7 Dec. 2020 In addition, having all the aircraft making use of the very same altimeter establishing ensures correct vertical separation. — John Cox, USA TODAY, 18 Dec. 2020

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History and Etymology for altimeter

obtained from New Latin, from Latin altus "high" + -i- -i- + New Latin -meter -meter — even more at altitude

Note: Words altimeter appears in the word lists of beforehand Latin-English dictionaries, as the 1572 edition of Ricdifficult Huloet"s dictionary and the 1578 edition of Thomas Cooper"s Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae (defined as "an instrument wherthrough high things are mette"). These entries all show up to derive from versions of Papias" Latin dictionary Elementarium doctrinae rudimentum, created in the 11th century, but reedited and broadened many kind of times; the 1485 Venice edition enters "altimeter quo metiuntur altitudines - quoddam instrumentum est" ("altimeter through which heights are measured; it is a details instrument"). Cf. New Latin scala altimetra, with vernacular equivalents, as Middle French eschelle altimetre, applied to the graduated range of miscellaneous instruments for measuring angular distance above the horizon. As a word offered in the beforehand 20th century for instruments employing barometric push to meacertain altitude, the word may be a recoinage from Latin altus and also -meter.