In the brand-new Music application, which came with iOS 8.4, some albums are grayed out and also noted with an "E". I cannot open them.

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I did a Google search. In some posts, I review that supplies an "E" symbol for explicit product. However before, I did not find any type of information particularly related to the Music application.

I"ve tried to find settings both in the Music application as well as in the Setups app under Music but might not discover anything related to this question.

My questions are:

What does the "E" symbol mean?Is tright here any kind of method to open such albums?

The E symbol means "Explicit".

You can permit or disable explicit content within Setups on your gadget. You"ll uncover the "ALLOW MUSIC & PODCASTS RATED" choice under General -> Restrictions -> Music & Podcasts.

You may should enter a PIN code to access the Restrictions settings.

You can disable the limitations totally by choosing the "Disable Restrictions" alternative at the optimal of the Restrictions home window.

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I had actually a comparable trouble with E"s arriving as soon as in iTunes, even though I could still listen, bereason no restrictions were set. I have issues through censorship and didn"t desire those E"s being rammed up my nose eexceptionally time I opened iTunes. So, I found that there"s another setting under the Restrictions tab in iTunes/Precommendations..., for showing a particular country"s restrictions in the library. Unexamine that alternative and also you don"t have to watch them anyeven more.


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