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Jena, Jennabel, Jennah, Jennalee, Jennalyn, Jennarae And Jennawatch., Jenny And Jennifer, Genna, Jena, Jennabel, Jennah, Jennalee, Jennalyn, Jennaview.

Jenna name was optimal ranked at 879 place in Amerideserve to during year 1971and the majority of recently ranked at 298 place in American during year 2015

Name Jenna has been Most Popular throughout the last hundred plus years and also ranked at 481 position. 142529 numbers of human being were named Jenna so much in last 100 years. (SSA)More about rank of Jenna

Personality No.11.People with name Jenna tend to be charismatic, cooperative, intuitive, and also have actually a pleasing personality through a gentle manner. Human through Jenna having actually 11 as Personality number occupational difficult to acquire confidence and conquer in-born shyness. As a son, and also right into your early twenties, nervous power might have resulted in you to bite your nails or expush your nervousness in various other methods. You are very sensitive and also intuitive.More Numerology

The girl"s name Jenna is of English beginning, a variant of Jenny with the "a" finishing rather of the "y";diminutive of Jennifer; variant of Jean (Hebrew). The name is made well known by a character on the TV series "Dallas", and also one of UNITED STATE President George W. Bush"s daughters is called Jenna.

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 Jenna name is a short create of name “Jennifer or Genevieve”. Jenna is additionally an Arabic name interpretation little bird.

Jenna name a variant of Jenny through the Latinate feminine sufresolve "-a". It was first embraced in the late 20th century.

Character Analysis of Jenna :Persons with the name Jenna, favor to be in charge, whether that be upfront or from behind the scenes. They like to regulate and also are mainly fairly sure of themselves. They have the right to be very talented ‘actors’ in life and also can put on the persona they wish others to view and also believe.

Love Life of Jenna :Human favor that their companion should inspire not only sexually however also at the level of intellect. Persons love to precede intercourse with dinners in candlelight.

J : Persons make an exemplary frifinish and try tough to make certain everyone is happy and also comfortableE : Persons are freedom-loving, sensual and also enthusiasticN : Persons are a "think external the box" type of perboy -- artistic and also originalN : Persons are a "think exterior the box" sort of perkid -- imaginative and originalA : Persons are their very own person: ambitious and freethinking


Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Jenna isMakarand also Moon sign associated through the name Jenna is Capricorn.

The name Jenna has Earth facet. Sarotate is the Ruling Planet for the name Jenna. The name Jenna having actually moon authorize as Capricorn is stood for by The Mountain Sea-Goat and taken into consideration as Cardinal .

Typically, world with the name Jenna are optimistic and established. They are full of life. They have the right to quickly deteriorate in challenging cases.

Other name alternatives, having actually Capricorn moon sign are name starting via :Ja, Ji, Ju,Khi, Je, Khu, Khoo, Jo, Khe, Kho, Jn, Jw, Jy, Kh.


The name Jenna is suitable for baby born in Sravana nakshatra

Sravana Nakshatra:

Lord: Chandra (Moon) Symbol : Ear or Three Footprints Deity : Vishnu, preserver of universe Indian zodiac: 10° - 23°20" Makara Western zodiac 6° - 19°20" Aquarius
Other name options, having actually Sravana nakashatra are name starting through :Ju, Khi, Je, Khu, Jo, Khe, Gha, Kho.
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The a lot of widespread originating source for naming babies have been after celebrities of the parental fees choice and after names of friends and also relatives. One trfinish that has started is naming babies....

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