(hopes plural & 3rd perboy present) (hoping current participle) (hoped previous tense & previous participle )

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1  verb If you hope that somepoint is true, or if you hope for something, you want it to be true or to take place, and you generally think that it is possible or likely. She had determined she have to go on as usual, follow her normal regimen, and also hope and pray...  V He hesitates prior to leaving, practically as though he had actually been hoping for conversation...  V for n I hope to get a job within the next 2 weeks...  V to-inf The researchers hope that such a vaccine might be available in about ten years" time...  V that `We"ll soptimal aobtain."—`I hope so."  V so/not 
2  verb 
If you say that you cannot hopefor somepoint, or if you talk about the only thing that you deserve to hopeto obtain, you mean that you are in a poor situation, and there is extremely little bit possibility of improving it. through brd-neg Things aren"t right, however that"s the ideal you can hope for...  V for n ...these hills, which no one deserve to hope to permeate.  V to-inf   Hope is also a noun., n-var The only hope for underoccurred countries is to end up being, as much as feasible, self-reliant...  
3  n-uncount 
Hope is a feeling of desire and also expectation that things will go well later. But Kevin hasn"t given up hope of being fit..., Consumer groups still hold out hope that the president will change his mind...  
4  n-count 
If someone wants something to occur, and also considers it most likely or feasible, you can describe their hopesof that point, or to their hopethat it will take place. through supp, oft N of n/-ing, N that They have actually hopes of boosting trade between the 2 regions..., The delay in the programme has daburned Japan"s hopes of commercial success in room...  
5  n-count 
If you think that the assist or success of a certain perkid or point will cause you to be effective or to gain what you want, you can refer to them as your hope. via supp Roemer represented the ideal hope for a businessfavor climate in Louisiana.  
6 If you are in an overwhelming case and carry out somepoint and also hope for the best, you hope that every little thing will occur in the method you desire, although you understand that it might not. ♦hope for the best 
 phrase V inflects Some carriers are cutting prices and hoping for the best.  
7 If you tell someone not to obtain their wishes up, or not to construct their hopes up, you are warning them that they must not become also confident of progression or success. ♦get/build your wishes up   
 phrase V inflects Tbelow is no factor for people to get their wishes up over this mission...  
8 If you say that someone has not acquired a hope in hellof doing somepoint, you are emphasizing that they will certainly not have the ability to do it. INFORMAL ♦not a hope in hell 
 phrase PHR after v, v-connect PHR, oft PHR of -ing  (emphasis) Everybody knows they haven"t acquired a hope in hell of forming a government anymethod.  
9 If you have actually high hopes or excellent hopesthat somepoint will happen, you are confident that it will certainly happen. ♦high/good hopes  phrase PHR after v, v-connect PHR, usu PHR that, PHR of n/-ing, PHR for n I had actually high really hopes that Derek Randall can play an essential component...  
10 If you hope against hopethat something will take place, you hope that it will certainly occur, although it seems impossible. ♦hope against hope 
 phrase V inflects, usu PHR that She glanced around the hall, hoping versus hope that Rictough would certainly be waiting for her.  
11 You usage `I hope" in expressions such as `I hope you do not mind" and `I hope I"m not disturbing you", as soon as you are being polite and want to make sure that you have not offended someone or disturbed them. ♦I hope 
 phrase PHR via cl  (politeness) I hope you do not mind me coming to see you..., I hope I haven"t shelp anypoint to upset you.  
12 You say `I hope" as soon as you want to warn someone not to execute something foolish or dangerous. ♦I hope  phrase PHR via cl, PHR not I hope you won"t be also harsh via the girl...  
13 If you perform one point in the hopeof one more thing happening, you execute it because you think it could reason or help the other point to take place, which is what you want. ♦in the hope of/that 
 phrase PHR after v, PHR of -ing, PHR that He was studying in the hope of being admitted to an engineering college...  
14 If you live in hope that somepoint will take place, you proceed to hope that it will take place, although it appears unmost likely, and also you realize that you are being foolish. ♦live in hope 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR that, PHR of -ing My mommy bought numerous tickets and also resided in hope of winning the prize.  
15 If you say `Some hope", or `Not a hope", you think tbelow is no possibility that somepoint will certainly occur, although you might desire it to happen. INFORMAL ♦some hope/not a hope 
 convention  (feelings) The sector reckons it will watch orders swell by 10% this financial year. Some hope.  

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