implies the same as hang: "I found his jacket, which was hanging up in the hallway".

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if you hang up or hang up the phone, you end a phone speak to. If you hang up on someone you are speaking to on the phone, you end the phone call suddenly and also unsupposed.

You have the right to usage hang up to indicate that someone stops doing a certain sport or task that they have actually consistently done over a long period. For instance, when a footballer hangs up his boots, he stops playing football.


If you have actually a hang-up about something, you have actually a feeling of fear, stress, or embarrassment around it.

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hang on

If you ask someone to hang on, you ask them to wait or sheight what they are doing or saying for a minute. "Can you hang on for a minute?"

If you hang on, you manage to endure, accomplish success, or prevent failure in spite of good challenges or opposition. "Manchester United held on to take the cup."

If you hang on to or hang onto somepoint that gives you an advantage, you succeed in maintaining it for yourself, and also proccasion it from being taken ameans or provided to someone else. "The British driver was unable to hang on to his lead. ... The agency has actually been struggling to hang onto its sales force."

If you hang on to or hang onto somepoint, you host it very tightly, for instance to sheight it falling or to support yourself. "She was conscious of a 2nd guy hanging on to the rail. ... a flight stewardess that helped conserve the life of a pilot by hanging onto his legs. ... He hangs on thightly, his arms around my neck."

If you hang on to or hang onto something, you store it for a longer time than you would certainly typically mean. "You might, alternatively, hang onto it in the hope that it will certainly be worth millions in 10 years time. ... In the existing climate, owners are hanging on to old ships."

If one point hangs on an additional, it relies on it in order to end up being successful. "Much hangs on the success of the teamwork in between the Groups of Seven federal governments and also Brazil."

hang out

If you hang out clothing that you have wamelted, you hang them on a apparel line to dry.

If you hang out in a certain location or area, you go and stay tright here for no specific reason, or spfinish many time there. (largely American) "I often used to hang out in supermarkets. ... We can simply hang out and have an excellent time."