In the first 5 books of the Holy bible also well-known as the composed Torah, we see God offering Moses commandments. Among them are commandments concerning what Israelites should eat and also not eat. As we shall watch, the pig is pointed out in that regard as an unclean animal.

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We likewise view the pig mentioned in numerous various other passeras in the Bible, bringing out particular symbolisms that are worth looking at. This write-up will aid us to put every little thing right into conmessage whenever before we are stating the pig with referral from the Scriptures. So what does a pig signify in the Bible?

What You"ll Learn Today

Symbol Of Uncleanliness


The pig and the dog have regularly been singled out as unclean pets according to the Jewish society. Digging via the Holy bible, we come across a verse of scripture in Leviticus 11:7. This is what it says:

“And the pig, though it has actually a split hoof, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. 8 You should not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.”

Animals via undivided hooves were mainly prohibited and classified as unclean. According to the Kosher guidelines, such pets were not intended to be eaten. The pig seems to have qualified on the initially problem, however it failed on the second condition because it doesn’t chew cud.

The exact same message is recurring in Deuteronomy 14:8 and an emphasis included that the Israelites should not touch also the carcasses of the pigs.

Symbol Of God’s Destruction And Punishment


The psalmist in Psalm 80 speaks of the vine to mean the youngsters of Israel that God loved and also safeguarded. However, midmethod, God turns his anger versus his world and also the wall that is surrounding the vine collapses.

This exposes the vine to passersby who pick its grapes and to insects and boars or wild pigs that ravage it. In Psalm 80: 13, the Holy bible says,

“Boars from the forest ravage it and insects from the fields feed on it.”

This symbolizes destruction by opponents or occasions that God enables to come upon his world. The cause of such destruction is normally disobedience on the component of the human being prompting God to lift his cover and defense.

The pigs are thounstable eaters and chances of anything remaining are slim, so is the severity of the destruction.

Symbol Of Rejected Praise And Sacrifice

Praise is a key pillar in Christianity and the Holy bible has actually invested a lot in explaining how the worship ought to be conducted. In the old testament, there were certain things that were to be offered as component of worship such as choicest animals without blemish.

Whenever worship is available in the appropriate method, God becomes pleased with his world and showers them via His blessings. However before, worship doesn’t just include the sacrifice offered however the heart of the giver also.

In Isaiah 66:3, the Bible likens grain supplying through swine’s blood which indicates rejected providing. Just as pigs were unclean, giving their blood was a total abomicountry prior to the LORD.

… whoever provides a grain supplying is prefer one that presents pig’s blood, and also whoever burns memorial incense is prefer one who worships an idol. They have favored their own means, and they delight in their abominations. (Isaiah 66:3)

Symbol Of Foolishness


The Bible always speaks favorably of wisdom and also regards it extremely. In reality, the totality of Proverbs is set to conflict and also expound on the worth of wisdom. Lack of wisdom is a character trouble but deserve to be rectified if the perboy wills.

The pig has been supplied symbolically to define the absence of wisdom or discretion in someone’s character. In Proverbs 11:22,

“A beautiful woguy who rejects good sense is prefer a gold ring in a pig’s snout.”

While the gold ring referring to the beauty of the woguy is priceless, yet, the foolishness provides the perchild as unworthy as a pig. It is a contact to embrace wisdom in our day to day living.

Symbol Of Ungratefulness

The bible doesn’t necessarily hate pigs or fat that they regularly indicate. However before, it hates the habits of pigs that once given somepoint great, instead of eating it through appreciation, they trample and tear it to pieces.

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you carry out, they might trample them under their feet, and also revolve and tear you to pieces.” Mathew 7:6

This passage of scripture might additionally symbolize hurt and betrayal or unfitting points. It might be human being to whom you carry out great and rather repay you via evil or ungratefulness. In the Christian conmessage, it refers to how we handle God’s blessings with ungrateful hearts.

A Lowly Position In Society

God has the finest plans for mankind, to give him a future and also a hope and prosper him. However, because of disobedience, such privileges might be withattracted, and also the blessings revoked leaving them to suffer.

In the New Testimony, the Bible provides us the story of the prodigal child who asked for his share of inheritance just to waste and also squander it. After it was finiburned, he had no resources left yet he remained in a remote country.

Acomponent from the pathetic life that he had to lead, among the jobs he took was that of feeding pigs as taped in Luke 15:15,

So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that nation, that sent him to his areas to feed pigs.”

Feeding pigs was among the lowly work and most degrading tbelow remained in the land also. However before, because the prodigal child had actually no other alternative at that moment, he didn’t view that feeding pigs was impossible. Being unclean pets, taking care of pigs was the lowest anyone could acquire.


The bible acknowledges that pigs are unclean and also therefore should not be consumed or its carcass touched. Tbelow is hardly any type of cite of pigs in a positive light. Because of this, any kind of association or interpretation of pigs in the Bible is nearly always associated via an adverse attribute.

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Hope you’ve learnt something out of the pig symbolism in the Scriptures. If you are in search of more pet connected researches, have actually a look at this piece around owls and their bible symbolism.