Back to Words index Back to Artitruth words index Snare, Net The signification of a snare, when shelp of evils, is allurement and also deception. That evils alentice and also deceive, is bereason all evils spring from the loves of self and also of the civilization (AC 9335), and also the loves of self and also of the civilization are born through guy, and also from this he feels the delight of his life from the minute of his birth; nay, from this he has life. Wherefore these loves, like the unviewed currents of a river, continually attract the believed and also the will of male away from the Lord to self, and also away from heaven to the human being, therefore away from the truths and also goods of faith to falsities and evils. Reasonings from the fallacies of the senses are then of especial force, and likewise the literal sense of the Word mistakenly explained and also used. <2> These two sources of error, and also those aforementioned, are what are meant in the spiritual feeling of the Word by snares, nooses, pits, nets, ropes, gins, and also by frauds and deceits; as in these passages:-- Dread, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth; wthus it shall concerned pass that he who Seeth from the voice of the dread shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the pit shall be taken in the snare; for the floodgates from on high are opened, and also the structures of the earth have been shaken (Isa. 24:17, 18). Fear, the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of Moab. He that fleeth from the are afraid shall loss into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the pit shall be taken in the snare (Jer. 48:43, 44). Dcheck out and also are afraid represent a disturbance and commotion of the mind as soon as it hesitates between evils and goods, in turn in between falsities and truths; the pit denotes falsity carried in via reasonings from the fallacies of the senses to favor the delights of the loves of self and of the world; the snare denotes the allurement and also deception of evil thence acquired. <3> In Isaiah:-- They shall go, and stumble backward, and also be broken, and ensnared, and taken (Isa. 28:13); to stumble backward denotes to revolve themselves ameans from excellent and truth; to be broken denotes to dissipate truths and also goods; to be ensnared denotes to be allured by the evils of the loves of self and also of the world; to be taken denotes to be carried amethod by them. <4> In Ezekiel:-- The mother of the princes of Israel is a lioness; one of her whelps learned to seize the prey, he devoured men; the nations heard of him; he was taken in their pit; and also they brought him through hooks into the land of Egypt. Afterward he ravimelted widows, and also laid waste cities; the land was desolate, and also the fullness thereof, by the voice of his roaring. Because of this the nations lay in wait for him round about from the provinces; and also they spcheck out their net over him; he was recorded in their pit. They put him in a cage with hooks, and also carried him unto the king of Babel in nets, that his voice must no more be heard on the mountains of Israel (Ezek. 19:1-4, 7-9); the successive profacountry of fact through the allurements of falsities from evils is right here described; the mom of the princes of Israel denotes the church where are primary truths. That mommy denotes the church, (AC 298, 2691, 2717, 4257, 5581, 8897); and that the princes of Israel denote primary truths, (AC 1482, 2089, 5044); a lioness denotes falsity from evil perverting the truths of the church; a lion"s wassist denotes evil in its power (AC 6367); to seize the prey and devour males denotes to destroy truths and also goods, for man denotes the good of the church (AC 4287, 7424, 7523); countries represent evils (AC 1259, 1260, 1849, 2588, 4444, 6306); the pit in which he was recorded by the nations denotes the falsity of evil (AC 4728, 4744, 5038, 9086); the land also of Egypt into which he was lugged via hooks denotes the memory-understanding with which is falsity (AC 9340); to ravish widows denotes to pervert the products which lengthy for truth. That to ravish denotes to pervert, (AC 2466, 2729, 4865, 8904); and that widows signify products that long for fact, (AC 9198, 9200); to lay waste cities denotes to destroy the doctrinal things of the fact of the church (AC 402, 2268, 2449, 2943, 3216, 4478, 4492, 4493); to desolate the land also and also the fullness thereof denotes to ruin all things of the church (AC 9325); the voice of roaring of the lion denotes falsity; to spreview the net over him denotes to allure by the delights of earthly loves and also by reasonings from them; to lug to the king of Babel denotes the profanation of reality (AC 1182, 1283, 1295, 1304, 1307, 1308, 1321, 1322, 1326). <5> That such points do not come to pass as soon as a male does not love himself and the civilization over all points, is thus explained in Amos:-- Will a lion roar in the forest if he hath no prey? Will a bird fall upon a snare of the earth if tbelow is no noose for him? Shall a snare spring up from the earth if taking it hath taken nothing? (Amos 3:4, 6). <6> That in the spiroutine sense a snare denotes allurement and also deception via the delights of the loves of self and also of the world, thus the allurement and also deception of evils, and also this via reasonings from the fallacies of the senses which favor these delights, is plain to everyone; for ensnarings and entrappings are from no other resource. Neither perform the diabolical crew assail anything in a male except these his loves, which they delight in every feasible way till he is caught, and also as soon as he has actually been captured the man reasons from falsities versus truths, and from evils against items. Nor is he then content via this, however additionally takes delight in ensnaring and alluring others to falsities and also evils. The reason why he additionally takes delight in this, is that he is then among the diabolical crew. <7> As snare, noose, and also net, signify such things, they additionally denote the damage of the spiroutine life, and hence perdition; for the delights of these loves are what damage and also lead into perdition, because, as before said, all evils spring from these loves. For from the love of self springs contempt for others in comparison through self, following derision and also abusage, afterward enmity if they do not favor, and finally the delight of hatred, the delight of revenge, hence the delight of violence, nay, of cruelty. In the other life this love climbs so high, that unless the Lord favors those who have actually it, and also provides them preeminence over others, they not just despise Him, yet likewise deride the Word which treats of Him, and also finally they act against Him from hatred and also revenge; and in so much as they cannot do anypoint against Him, they practice such points via violence and cruelty versus all who profess Him. From this it is simple wtherefore it comes that there is such a diabolical crew, namely, from the love of self. And therefore as a snare signifies the delight of the love of self and of the people, it likewise signifies the devastation of spiritual life, and also perdition; for whatever of belief and love to the Lord, and everything of love toward the neighbor, are destroyed by the delight of the love of self and of the civilization wherever it has dominance (AC 9335). <8> That these loves are the beginnings of all evils, and that hell is from them and also in them, and also that these loves are the fires tright here, is at now unrecognized in the world; as soon as yet it can be recognized from the truth that these loves are oppowebsite to love toward the neighbor and also love to God, and also that they are oppowebsite to humility of heart, and that from them alone arise all contempt, all hatred, all revenge, and all violence and cruelty, as anyone might recognize who reflects. <9> That a snare therefore signifies the devastation of spiritual life, and perdition, is ordinary from the following passperiods. In David:-- Upon the wicked, Jehovah shall rain snares, fire and sulphur (Ps. 11:6); where fire and sulphur represent the evils of the love of self and also of the people. That fire has this signification, (AC 1297, 1861, 5071, 5215, 6314, 6832, 7324, 7575, 9144); and also likewise sulphur, (AC 2446). Hence it is simple what is meant by snares. In Luke: Lest that day come upon you suddenly; for as a snare shall it come upon all who dwell upon the challenge of the entirety earth (Luke 21:34, 35); wbelow the topic treated of is the last time of the church, as soon as tbelow is no belief because no charity, for the loves of self and of the human being will then power, and also from these loves comes perdition, which is the snare. Again: Among My people are discovered the wicked; they watch, as fowlers stretch nets; they set a trap that they may capture guys (Jer. 5:26). They that seek after my spirit stretch snares; and also they that seek mine evil soptimal perditions, and meditate deceits all the day lengthy (Ps. 38:12). Guard me from the hands of the noose they have lassist for me, and from the snares of the employees of iniquity. Let the wicked loss together into their own nets, while I pass over (Ps 141:9, 10) He shall be for a sanctuary; yet for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the residences of Israel, for a snare and also for a noose to the inhabitant of Jerusalem. Many type of among them shall stumble, and autumn, and be broken, and also be spared, and be taken (Isa. 8:14, 15); the Lord is right here treated of. A rock of stumbling and a rock of offence denote the offering of offence; a snare, and also a noose denote perdition, namely, that of those that strike and also venture to damage the truths and goods of confidence in the Lord with falsities which favor the loves of self and also of the world; for all the proud are not just offfinished, yet are additionally ensnared by the reality that the Divine has showed up in a human form, and this not in royal majesty, but in a despised shape. From all this it is now noticeable that by it will certainly be a snare, is signified the allurement and also deception of evils, and the consequent perdition; as additionally elsewhere in Moses:-- Make not a covenant through the inhabitant of the land also upon which thou shalt come, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee (Exod. 34:12). Thou shalt not serve their gods; for this will be a snare to thee (Deut. 12:16). Take heed to thyself that thou be not ensnared after the nations, and that perpossibility thou seek their gods (Deut. 12:30); the nations represent evils, and also the falsities thence obtained. from AC 9348 Back to Words index, Back to Artitruth words index Author: E. Swedenborg (1688-1772). Design: I.J.

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