1. Rerotate for any type of office, good or bad; in a good sense, compensation; recompense; as the requital of services; in a bad sense, retaliation or punishment, as the requital of evil deeds.

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2. Return; reciprocal activity.

No merit their avariation can rerelocate, nor ill requital deserve to efchallenge their love.


REQUI"TE, v.t. from quit, L. ceexecute.

1. To repay either good or evil; in a good feeling, to recompense; to rerevolve an equivalent in good; to reward.

I likewise will certainly refairly you this kindness. 2Sam. 2. 1Tim. 5.

In a poor sense, to retaliate; to return evil for evil; to punish.

Joseph will absolutely refairly us all the evil which we did to him. Gen. 1.

2. To perform or offer in rerotate.

He hath requited me evil for good. 1Sam. 25.


REQUI"TED, pp. Repaid; recompensed; rewarded.


REQUI"TER, n. One who requites.


REQUI"TING, ppr. Recompensing; rewarding; offering in rerotate.

Definitions from Webster"s Amerihave the right to Thesaurus of the English Language, 1828.

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