Back to Words index Back to Clopoint words index Rfinish garments The signification of rending the clothing is mourning, namely, on account of fact having been destroyed, or because tright here was no confidence. We often check out in the Word, particularly the historic, of persons rfinishing their garments; yet the origin of this is not recognized at the present day, and it is additionally unwell-known that it was representative of grief on account of truth being shed. This act came to be representative from the truth that apparel signified truths, as prior to shown (AC 4545). Further on in this chapter it is additionally shelp that as soon as Jacob recognized his son"s tunic he rent his apparel (verse 34), and also by this is signified mourning for truth destroyed. So in other areas in the Word, as once Rabshakeh, that was sent out by Sennacherib the king of Assyria, spoke insults against Jerusalem; whereupon Eliakim who was over the King"s household, and also Shebna the scribe, and also Joah the recorder, rent their clothing and also told these things to King Hezekiah; and also when the king heard it he also rent his clothes, and also spanned himself via sackfabric (Isa. 36:22; 37:1; 2 Kings 18:37; 19:1). The insults which Rabshakeh spoke were against God, the King, and also Jerusalem, therefore against Divine reality, as is still plainer from the inner sense of the passage; hence the clothing were rent bereason of mourning. <2> When Jehudi had actually review before the king the roll of the book which Jeremiah wrote, it is shelp that the king actors it right into the fire, and that the king and his servants, that heard all those words, did not rend their clothes (Jer. 36:23, 24); their not rending their apparel dedetailed that they did not mourn when Divine fact was not got. The rending of their garments by Joshua the son of Nun, and also Caleb the son of Jephunneh, once the spies lugged an evil report of the land also of Canaan, and also their speaking against them (Num. 14:6), entails a similar meaning; for the land of Canaan signifies the Lord"s kingdom, to stop versus which is to speak falsity versus Divine reality. When the ark of God was taken by the Philistines, and the two sons of Eli were slain, that tbelow ran a guy out of the army to Shiloh through his garments rent and dust upon his head (1 Sam. 4:11, 12), signified mourning over lost Divine reality and also Divine good; for, as the ark stood for the Lord"s kingdom, and in the supreme sense the Lord Himself, and also for this reason the holy of the church, the rent garments signified mourning over lost Divine truth; and dust upon the head, over shed Divine great. <3> We read of Samuel and also Saul:-- As Samuel turned around to go away, Saul lassist organize upon the skirt of his tunic, and also it was torn off. And Samuel sassist unto him, Jehovah hath rent the kingdom of Israel from upon thee today, and hath given it to thy companion. I will not rerevolve with thee, for thou hast rejected the word of Jehovah, and Jehovah hath rejected thee from being king over Israel (1 Sam. 15:26-28); Saul"s tearing off the skirt of Samuel"s tunic stood for what Samuel said - that the kingdom have to be rent from him, and also that he must no much longer be king of Israel; for kingdom in the inner sense signifies Divine truth (AC 1672, 2547, 4691), as also perform a king and also nobility (AC 1672, 1728, 2015, 2069, 3009, 3670, 4575, 4581), and specifically the Kingdom and king of Israel, because by Israel was stood for the Lord"s aristocracy. So what is connected of Jeroboam and the prophet Ahijah:-- When Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem, and the prophet Ahijah found him in the method, once he had actually clad himself via a brand-new garment, and also they two were alone in the area, Ahijah laid organize of the new garment that was upon him, and also rent it in twelve pieces; and also he said to Jeroboam, Take thee ten pieces; for hence saith Jehovah the God of Israel, Behost I rfinish the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon, and will certainly give ten people to thee (1 Kings 11:29-31). <4> The exact same is true of their rfinishing their clothes as soon as Saul was slain in fight, as related in the second book of Samuel:-- After Saul had actually been slain in battle, on the 3rd day a man came from the camp whose clothes were rent; and also when David heard of the death of Saul, David took hold of his garments and rent them; as did all his servants that were with him (2 Sam. 1:1, 2, 11); by this also was stood for mourning on account of Divine fact lost and thrown away by those that were in belief separate; for as before shelp Divine truth was signified by aristocracy, and also they that were in faith sepaprice were represented by the Philistines, by whom Saul was slain (AC 1197, 1198, 3412, 3413); as likewise is apparent from David"s lament over him in the exact same chapter (2 Samuel 1:17-27). <5> When Absalom had smitten his brvarious other Amnon, and also the tidings concerned David that Absalom had smitten all the king"s sons, David rent his clothing and lay on the earth, and also all his servants stood by through their clothing rent (2 Sam. 13:28, 30, 31); this additionally was done for the sake of representing that truths from the Divine were destroyed, these being signified in the interior sense by the king"s sons. So once David fled prior to Absalom he was met by Hushai the Archite via his tunic rent (2 Sam. 15:32); for in the Word by a king, specifically by David, is represented Divine reality. In prefer manner also as soon as Elijah spoke to Ahab king of Israel the words of Jehovah, that he should be extirpated on account of the evil which he had actually done, Ahab rent his clothes and put sackcloth upon his flesh (1 Kings 21:27). <6> That the rfinishing or tearing of apparel stood for mourning on account of shed reality, is further evident from the following passages:-- Hilkiah the priest uncovered the book of the legislation in the residence of Jehovah; and also Shaphan review it prior to king Josiah. And when the king heard the words of the book of the regulation, he rent his clothes (2 Kings 22:11); manifestly on account of the Word (that is, Divine truth) having actually been so long shed, and obliterated in hearts and life. When the Lord confessed that He was the Christ the Son of God, that the high priest rent his apparel, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy (Matt. 26:63-65; Mark 14:63, 64), signified that he had actually no various other idea than that the Lord spoke against the Word, and therefore versus Divine reality. <7> When Elijah went up in a whirlwind, and also Elisha experienced it, he took host of his own clothing, and rent them in 2 pieces; and he took up the tunic of Elijah that fell from upon him, and also smote the waters, and they were parted hither and thither, and also Elisha talked about (2 Kings 2:11-14); that Elisha then rent his garments in 2 pieces was on account of mourning that the Word (that is, Divine truth) was lost; for by Elijah is represented the Lord regarding the Word, that is, Divine fact (AC 2762). The tunic falling from Elijah, and also being taken up by Elisha, represented that Elisha ongoing the depiction. That a tunic is Divine truth might be checked out over (AC 4677), wherefore also the garment which was rent in such mourning was the tunic, as is obvious from some of the passperiods over cited. As a garment signified the fact of the church, and in the supreme sense Divine reality, it was therefore a disgrace to go through rent clothing, except in such mourning - as is obvious from what was done to the servants of David by Hanun the king of the sons of Ammon, in that he shaved off half of their beards, and also reduced off their clothing in the middle, also to their buttocks; for which reason they were not admitted to David (2 Sam. 10:4, 5). from AC 4763 Back to Words index, Back to Clothing words index Author: E. Swedenborg (1688-1772). Design: I.J.

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