MEANING:The phrase don’t rain on my parade indicates to mention bad news or spoil someone’s fun; destroying an excellent time or providing negative information to someone that is otherwise happy.

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This expression regularly appears as “I hate to rain on your parade, but…” and also “I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but…”

ORIGIN:The expression is thought to have actually originated from a popular 1960’s song titled Don’t Rain On My Parade from the musical Funny Girl. The song was written by Bob Merrill and composed by Jule Styne. Tright here are no recognized instances of this term appearing everywhere in print prior to the 1964 song.

Funny Girl – Don-t Rain On My Parade – Broadmethod Musical

Some people argue that the expression remained in use prior to the 1964 Barbara Streisand song, yet aget, tbelow is no videotaped evidence of this to prove their debate.


“Not to rain on your parade, however Karen is sick and also won’t have the ability to attend your party after all.”

“I don’t want to rain on your parade and also spoil the finish of the movie, yet Kirk moves to Seattle and also is never before heard from again.”

Friend 1… “I can’t wait to go out on your watercraft to swim this weekend. The lake is going to be absolutely exceptional.”Friend 2… “Sorry to rain on your parade, yet my dad hates the water and also doesn’t let us swim. We only use the watercraft for fishing.”



Rosemary Waugh 2 Dec 2020 Reply

No recognized instances? No recognized research! G.K. Chesterton died in1936, and he created, “and once it rains on your parade, look up fairly than dvery own.”

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