You have the right to recognize the zoning designation of your home conveniently and also conveniently by using our virtual tool, ZoLa (Zoning and also Land also Use Application). You deserve to look up all appropriate zoning information by offering the resolve or block and also lot number of the residential or commercial property in question.

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Once you’ve uncovered your home making use of ZoLA, click the hyperlink for your zoning desigcountry. This will certainly take you to an introduction describing the forms of structures you can construct in your zoning district.


If your residential property has both an R desigcountry and also a C1 or C2 designation, then your residential or commercial property is in what is recognized as a “commercial overlay.” This means you deserve to build a residential structure via ground-floor commercial (or in some cases two floors of commercial). Other forms of combinations are regularly resulted in when a home crosses a zoning district boundary. Special regulations in Blog post VII, Chapter 7 define how to identify what elevation, setago, floor area, and also usage regulations apply to your home.

My residential or commercial property provided to have actually a different zoning designation than it does now. Can I develop under the old zoning rules?

Generally, no. Any new building permit filed after a zoning adjust have to comply through the zoning regulations that are in place at the time. However, after a zoning readjust, any legally-built existing building is thought about “grandfathered” and also is afforded one-of-a-kind rights to repair and redevelop in the occasion of damage or damage. Please see Blog post V of the Zoning Resolution for even more information on damage and also devastation of existing grandfathered (called “non-complying” and “non-conforming”) structures.

Variances from the existing zoning are possible. Applications for a variance are considered by the City’s Board of Standards & Appeals (BSA). Property owners seeking a variance should show that there are “valuable obstacles or unimportant hardships” they face in meeting the zoning regulations. See Blog post VII, Chapter 2 of the Zoning Resolution for regulations using to variances, or contact the BSA to learn even more.

As-of-right breakthrough complies with the rules found in the Zoning Resolution and does not require any evaluation from the Department of City Planning. The Department of Buildings reviews the structure plans to determine compliance via the Zoning Resolution and also the Building Code and problems building permits accordingly.

The FAR determines exactly how much floor area you can have in your structure loved one to the dimension of your lot. Please note that this is not always tantamount to the variety of stories you have the right to build. FAR have the right to be utilized on a website in a number of various ways. You have the right to learn by visiting DCP Glossary.

The variety of dwelling systems allowed on any given lot is controlled by zoning. (Other regulations, such as the Construction Code and NYS Multiple Dwelling Law, additionally control the dimension and shape of dwelling systems.) The approach of calculating the maximum number of units is described in Section 23-22 of the Zoning Resolution.

Yes. If in structure a residential structure in an R1 with R5 district, you will certainly have to carry out 2 front yards, one on each street. (In an R1-2 district, one front yard have to be 20 feet; the various other 15. In an R3 district, one front yard should be at least 10 feet.) For a rectangular lot, the other two yards will certainly be considered side yards (not rear yards), among which must be at least 20 feet deep. For other forms of buildings, call the Zoning Aid Workdesk for even more indevelopment.

Yes. If situated in a required side or rear yard, then the structure need to not exceed 10 feet in elevation. Gareras and also sheds are not allowed in front yards. If located anywhere else on your building, then it have to comply through the underlying height, setago, and also floor area requirements of your district.

The Building Code regulates the height of fences. Usually, in residence districts, the maximum elevation of a fence created alengthy a front lot line is four feet above ground level. The maximum height of a fence along the side or rear lot line is six feet. In a lot of instances, fences are taken into consideration permitted obstructions.

Zoning district transforms deserve to be proposed by personal citizens, city agencies, or elected officials.The proposed transforms should make land usage sense in the context of neighboring uses and existing zoning designations. Zoning transforms go via the

Unidevelop Land also Use Rewatch Process (ULURP). This process includesevaluation by and recommendations from the affected community board(s) and the Bostormy President. The City Planning Commission and also ultimately the City Council decide whether to provide the zoning change. The neighborhood boards and also the City Planning Commission are compelled to hold public hearings, and the Boturbulent President and also the City Council have the option to carry out so.

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Some land also usage actions are not allowed as-of-ideal and also require testimonial by the City Planning Commission. These actions are categorized as Special Permits or Authorizations. Some even more restricted unique permits are reregarded by another company, the Board of Standards and Appeals.