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I have frequently heard the expression, "he"s really placing on the dog" What does it expect and also wbelow does it come from? I tried several times to end up being a member and after numerous mistakes i can not. I"m from the usa and also my email is dipgil
From the Maven"s Word of the Day:Put on (the) dog is an expression that suggests ‘to make a display of wealth or importance, specifically by dressing stylishly and also flashily’. It’s equivalent in definition to the later expression put on the ritz. Placed on (the) dog days back to Amerideserve to college slang of the 1860’s and also is taped in Lyman H. Bagg’s Four Years at Yale (1871): “Dog, style, splurge. To put on dog is to make a flashy screen, to reduced a swell.” At about the very same time, the connected adjective doggy was a well-known slang term interpretation ‘attractively stylish; costly; fancy’. One of the more implausible suggestions for the origin of hotdog is that imported German franks were dubbed “doggy hots”--they were fancier than consistent sausages. Placed on (the) dog is possibly associated to the reality that noble or well-off females had actually lapdogs as pets; these dogs were tiny sufficient to put on the lap. The silky-haired Maltese dog was a pampered pet of the noble women of prehistoric Greece, Rome, and also Egypt. Excavators have actually found stays of the Pekingese in burial places from 2000 years ago. This dog was thshould be an incarnation of the Chinese Door Guardian god; the dog stood for wide range and also came to be the favored pet of the top classes. In the 1860’s, Queen Victoria was given lapdogs as gifts, and also they came to be extremely popular in England. Possibly the expression put on (the) dog was not just associated to pampered lapdogs--freshly rich women may have wanted to show off any kind of intricate dog by placing it on a leash or wearing it in a sleeve. Ted Shapiro, that operated as Sophie Tucker’s piano accompanist in vaudeville, composed a well-known rag called “Putting on the Dog.” Surprisingly, this expression is still offered periodically, as in describing an intricate wedding reception or a costly purchase. And it is alive and also well in humorous (literal) contexts, which reflects that most human being recognize what the figurative expression suggests.

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For example, at a current dog show, the owners were described as placing on the dog or “placing on heirs (airs).” I additionally discovered a Net website referred to as Putting on the Dog--it sells intricate and also costly canine apparel.