She"s a gate-crasher. Someone who mirrors up uninvited to a party, for example, but who manperiods to get in to whatever the occasion may be.

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I heard it offered in a movie, I think it was Mexideserve to, probably Argentinian? I can't respeak to. I hear phrases/slang with watching movies, and I create them in a notebook. - Sheily, SEP 1, 2010


You have to have heard my negative thoughts!


I have the right to find little googling or looking in the dictionary (urban slang) that provides a lot sense.

My best suggestion is to look at colar in the R A E dictionary and also then imagine what a noun form might intend.

colar R A E

colada R A E

Well tright here you have it then. She refsupplies to wait in line (en cola), so she just plunges ahead. Without the provided conmessage, she might have been your following Piña Colada. Yum, yum - 005faa61, SEP 1, 2010
ella está colada por (she likes exceptionally exceptionally very a lot somebody). or you has read: ella es una colGada? that suggests she is an unrenowned girl or she is a crazy girl.. - 000a35ff, JUL 24, 2015

You have the right to usage at diferent develops and also situations:

she likes very much Pedro=. a ella le gusta mucho Pedro= ella está colada por Pedro

The clothing you are washing or have to to wash is la colada

The act of go right into a place without pay or an invitation is a colada.

To put yourself in a location that does not correspond to you into a paper , is una colada.

Hi Nic, hmmm could it be favor in English once they say someone is "whipped"? In various other words sooooo crazy about their "amor" that they will be prefer a tiny puppy dog running around doing whatever before the various other perboy wants?

In spain we use it for "washing". For instance - "Hacer la colada" which suggests to perform the washing (clothes).

the phrase "piña colada" suggests strained pineapple (referring to the drink and also likewise applied to the flavor) ; so in this instance "colada" means "strained" (it would be colado when editing a masculine noun)

"Colada" is likewise the name of the sword that the Cid Campeador won to the conde Berenguer in the poem of the Mio Cid.

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"Colada" también es el nombre de la espada que el Cid campeador ganó al conde Berenguer en el Poema del Mio Cid.


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