Out of the Question Meaning

Definition: Tbelow is no possibility of enabling that.

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Origin of Out of the Question

This expression originates from the 1700s.

In this idiom, question doesn’t refer to a question in the means we frequently think of it this day. Rather, it simply refers to the topic of discussion. If something is impossible, it implies that there is no suggest in discussing it any type of even more, because it cannot happen. Because of this, it is out of the question in the sense of it is out of the discussion.

This expression is correct in business contexts and conversational English. However before, because of its strong interpretation, it deserve to come throughout as harsh.

In order to make this gentler, some people might preface it with a softening expression, such as I’m afraid that is out of the question.

Examples of Out of the Question

In this example, two paleas are talking around their youngsters.

Rodrigo: My kid is having actually most actions troubles in institution. His school major is suggesting that I deliver him to a institution that specializes in behavior worries.

Alisha: What did you tell the principal?

Rodrigo: I told her that it was out of the question! My kid might be challenging in the classroom ideal now, but it is nothing that can’t be resolved. However before, the primary told me that eventually it might not be my decision. If the teachers and the principal agree that they can’t help my child, he might get expelled.

Alisha: Did you try to research the college she suggested? I understand that you had a strong initial reaction versus the principle. However before, it could be worth looking into. You never understand if the various other college is excellent or bad until you research it a tiny.

Rodrigo: I guess you’re appropriate. I shouldn’t have actually shelp that it was out of the question. I must consider eextremely possibility that is in my son’s best interest.

In the instance listed below, 2 siblings are saying about their paleas.

Luis: Our service is going so well now. I’m glad we both agree that we have to move to a bigger city in order to take advantage of greater sales and also lower prices.

Stephanie: Yes, I don’t watch any kind of various other alternative. I’m just not looking forward to informing our parental fees that we are going to be relocating a couple of hrs away.

Luis: Maybe we don’t have to tell them.

Stephanie: Are you suggesting that we lie to them? That is entirely out of the question. I’m not comfortable through that at all.

Luis: No, not at all. Maybe they might live through you!

Stephanie: That is additionally out of the question. I can’t permit that.

More Examples

This excerpt is around a very talented swimmer who could be very effective.

This excerpt is about an actress that has actually career ambitions outside of acting.

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The expression out of the question is another way to say impossible.


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