1  adv Never before suggests at no time in the previous or at no time in the future. ADV prior to v, ADV group/to-inf I have never before shed the weight I put on in my teens..., Never had actually he been so totally free of concern..., That was a mistake. We"ll never do it again..., Never before say that. Never, execute you hear?..., He was never before really healthy and balanced..., This is never before to happen aget.  

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2  adv 
Never means `not in any kind of situations at all". ADV prior to v, ADV group/to-inf I would never perform anypoint to hurt him..., Even if you are despeprice to acquire married, never before let it display..., Divorce is never before basic for children..., The golden dominance is never to clean a valuable coin.  
3 Never ever before is an emphatic way of saying `never". ♦never before ever 
 phrase PHR before v, be PHR group  (emphasis) I never before, ever before sit approximately reasoning, `What shall I do next?"..., He"s vowed never before ever to talk around anypoint personal in public, ever before aobtain.  
4  adv Never is offered to refer to the previous and also implies `not". He never completed anything..., He waited till all the luggage was cleared, but Paula"s never appeared..., I never knew the lad..., I"d never have dreamt of doing such a thing.  
5  exclam 
You say `never!" to indicate exactly how surprised or shocked you are by somepoint that someone has actually just said. SPOKEN, feelings 
6  exclam 
You say `Well, I never" to indicate that you are extremely surprised about somepoint that you have actually just checked out or found out. OLD-FASHIONED, SPOKEN, feelings `What were you up to there?"—`I was head of the information department."—`Well I never!"  
7 If you say that something will certainly never before do or would never carry out, you are saying, often humorously, that you think it is not appropriate or not suitable in some method. ♦will never before do/would never before do 
 phrase oft it PHR to-inf It would never do to have Henry there in her apartment..., I do not think it is an instance of negative composing myself, otherwise I"d be agreeing through Leavis, and also that would never before carry out.  
 If you explain somepoint negative or unpleasant as never-ending, you are emphasizing that it seems to last an extremely lengthy time.  adj  (emphasis) (=interminable) ...a never-ending series of scandals...  
never-never before land 
 Never-never land is an imaginary place wright here whatever is perfect and no-one has actually any kind of problems. INFORMAL  n-uncount likewise a N We came to be suspended in some stately never-never land of pleasure, luxury and idleness.  

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