Just What The Doctor Ordered Meaning

Definition: Exactly what one demands to feel better.

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Origin of Just What the Doctor Ordered

This idiom originated in the 1900s. Some civilization could think that considering that it recommendations a physician, that it is specifically provided in the conmessage of wellness. However before, this is not the situation.

People deserve to usage this expression anytime somepoint is making them feel much better.

For instance, if someone was exceptionally hungry and also then obtained his or her favorite meal, he or she might usage this expression. In reality, I would certainly undertaking to guess that this expression is usually used outside of medical conmessages.

The concept behind this expression is that doctors prescribe medication to cure something. If somepoint supplies a perfect solution to whatever before problem the perboy is having, it is said to be simply what the medical professional ordered.

In other words, the perchild has uncovered a “cure” for whatever is “ailing” them.

Instances of Just What the Doctor Ordered

In the instance below, 2 friends are talking around their tasks.

Ted: I love my job, however I feel so worn out at the finish of eextremely day.

Rufio: Really? Would it assist to go on a weekend white water rafting trip? I know you’ve wanted to attempt that for a lengthy time, and it can assist give you even more power considering that it have to gain your adrenaline rushing!

Ted: Wow! That sounds exceptional. In reality, that’s just what the physician ordered. A pilgrimage choose that must help revitalize me so I have the power to keep going ago to work-related.

This dialogue mirrors 2 friends who are celebrating the birthday that one of them has now.

Zayna: Hey, Ben! What a nice surprise to view you!

Ben: Happy birthday! I have a gift for you.

Zayna: Really? Let me open up it. Wow! A gift certificate to a spa!

Ben: Yeah, I remembered you saying that you felt really sore lately, so I believed a visit to the spa, with a massage, could execute wonders.

Zayna: It’s just what the physician ordered! Thank you!

More Examples

The excerpt is from an short article around a celebrity that will host a talent competition.

This excerpt is from a testimonial of a new automobile.

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The idiom just what the physician ordered indicates the perfect point to assist someone.


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