Joined at the Hip Meaning

Definition: To have a cshed relationship through someone, in which the two people spfinish many their time together.

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Origin of Joined at the Hip

Many resources speculate that this expression originates from the phenomenon of conjoined twins. These are twin babies that prospered together in the womb to physically share some of the exact same body components and also can only be separated through surgical treatment.

Conjoined twins certainly have actually a really cshed relationship to one another, and spfinish literally every one of their time together.

There have actually been renowned conjoined twins in the previous, including Chang and Eng Bunker. Chand and also Eng were from Siam, and their worldwide fame is where the term Siamese twins originated. That shelp, Chang and Eng were conjoined by the sternum, not the hips, so this as an origin story seems unmost likely.

It’s impossible to say which set of twins, if any, motivated this expression, however it originated in the 1960s in the USA and also is now offered in a figurative feeling.

Instances of Joined at the Hip

The dialogue below reflects 2 university students pointing out who have to sign up with their team for a team project.

Nisha: I usually hate team job-related, however I feel choose you and also I job-related well together.

Alan: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind working in a group via you, however we’ll require a third perboy. The professor sassist eexceptionally team should have specifically 3 people.

Nisha: Hmmm. I know! Let’s invite Clara to job-related via us.

Alan: She won’t perform it. Her finest friend, Aimee, is in the class, and they’re joined at the hip. They’d never before sepaprice from each various other for a team project.

The second dialogue reflects a father and kid discussing the son’s social life.

Son: What did you desire to talk to me about?

Dad: I’m a little worried that you don’t have actually sufficient friends. I’d favor you to pick a sport and join a team. I think it would certainly assist you accomplish human being.

Son: That’s insulting! I have friends!

Dad: You have Tyler. But that’s only one frifinish. And I’m worried that you spfinish too a lot time with him. You 2 are joined at the hip! What happens as soon as you go to various schools next year? I’m worried you’ll get depressed.

More Examples

The excerpt explains how a automobile brand also has actually a very close connection with the actor Matthew McConaughy.

This excerpt offers the idiom to say that a man and also womale have been spending all their time together.

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The expression joined at the hip suggests constantly together and typically describes two friends.


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