Johnny on the Spot Meaning

Definition: Someone who is accessible to carry out a job once needed; someone that is existing at an essential time.

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The idiom Johnny on the spot describes someone that is conveniently obtainable to fulfill a need—specifically during a time of urgency.

For instance, a mom looking for a babysitter can ask her neighbor who is always obtainable at a moment’s alert. This person is a Johnny on the spot.

Anvarious other instance is that of a manufacturing agency. If a company requirements paint before it deserve to ship a product out, and the paint shipment boy comes just in the nick of time, he is a Johnny on the spot.

This expression may or might not be hyphenated. It can also be a noun or an adjective.

For instance, someone deserve to be a Johnny on the spot, as we witnessed in the above examples.

Someone can likewise be Johnny on the spot. For example,

Don’t be late for occupational tomorrow. We have to leave on time. I need you below Johnny-on-the-spot.

Origin of Johnny on the Spot

An early source of the phrase appears in George Ade’s 1896 Artie:

I can see that a Johnny-on-the-spot…was trying to store cases on her.

Anvarious other appearance originates from the same year, in an 1896 edition of the New York Sun. The article in which it appeared was titled, “JOHNNY ON THE SPOT: A New Phrase Which Has Become Popular in New York.” This suggests it was renowned before the New York Sun published the article. However before, no previously instances of the expression in print have actually been identified, and also its etymology is unclear.

Examples of Johnny on the Spot

Carl has always hired his frifinish, Moe, to resolve anything that breaks in his house. In this exadjust, Carl has actually asked him to come over ideal away to settle a leaking pipe. However before, Moe is busy, and becomes frustrated when Carl insists. He tells Carl he is not his Johnny on the spot.

Carl: Can you please come settle this pipe? I’m afrassist it’s going to damages the floor. Then we’ll need to hire someone to rearea the totality point.

Moe: I currently told you, I can’t best now. I’m getting ready for my sister’s wedding.

Carl: Please? It will certainly just take 5 minutes.

Moe: No, it won’t. You’ll need to hire someone to settle it for you this time. I’m not your Johnny on the spot. I can’t constantly come rushing to you every time you require me to resolve something.

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The English idiom Johnny on the spot describes someone that is accessible to carry out something as soon as needed.


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