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These special beings seem so soft on the outside, but can be very tough when the situation calls for it. Lovely as they are, women can become even more attractive when they blush. When a woman blushes, it indicates that her heart is racing, making her blood flow faster. Her adrenaline is up and she is unconsciously showing interest in you!

You need to take these things into consideration before attempting any of our suggestions for making a woman blush:


If you are not yet very familiar with each other, you may use these tips for making a woman blush, without the risk of offending her:


Only use these tips if you know each other very well. If you are the woman"s boyfriend, best friend, or someone whom she has known and trusted for a long time, then you may try these tips on getting her to blush:

Safety first. Make sure that everyone"s safety is always considered. Do not cause unnecessary endangerment to yourself or to other people. Always follow and comply with laws and regulations set by establishments. Do not do things that may cause damage to things or properties.

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Know your limits. Everything has its limits. If the woman is into a relationship with someone who is overprotective and the jealous type, do not try to attempt the romantic tips on her. Never attempt to give her flowers as it may cause conflicts in their relationship.
Respect norms. If you are in a church, in the library or anyplace else that requires silence, you may not want to make a scene or any noise. Always take note of your current environment and adjust to it.
Do not quarrel with people. Some may get irritated and may show that they are unhappy with what you are doing. Do not argue with them. Simply offer a short apology and leave the area when you can.

Please give me an example of something that would make a women blush?

First and foremost, not all women blush. Skin colors vary, and it may be difficult to distinguish a woman"s blush if she has a dark or olive skin tone. If you happen to be in a relationship with a woman and you know for a fact that she blushes, whispering a private joke that you both share will probably make her blush. If she has embarrassed herself some time in the past and you know about it, you can bring it up as a joke. Make sure that you bring it up appropriately - there should be no one within hearing distance and you must first know for a fact that she will laugh it off.

It depends on who that woman is to you, if she is your girlfriend, you can give her gifts or give her what she really likes, so when she receives it, it will make her blush. If she is shy, there is more of a chance she will blush if you will give it to her in a surprising way. You can also give her a love letter and tell her everything you want to say. Giving a woman a love letter is sweeter than just giving her a text message. You can also tell her how beautiful she is and give her chocolates and flowers. Just telling a woman how beautiful she is, is often enough to make a woman blush, since every woman likes want to be called beautiful by their man. But if that woman is not your girl and you want her to make her blush, you can tell her that she is beautiful in her own way and say something sweet and you can also do what that girl really likes and try to surprise her to get her to blush.

When I praise her she blushes?

This is a good sign if you are praising/complimenting her, and she is blushing. This means your words really affect her and make her feel happy.

I"m looking for a good example of a sentence that may make a girl blush?

Can you give me a few lines or examples of a really good sentence to make a girl blush

You are on my mind so much that you must know what I am thinking all the time!

She is so bored with me, so she is out at the mall?

I want to make her blush, what kind of messages can I tell her?

If she is surprised, she may not be so bored with you anymore. Leave her little notes around with messages of what she means to you. Arrange a treasure hunt with hints in the notes and have a bouquet of flowers or tickets to a movie for her at the end of the treasure hunt. Message her that you are anxiously waiting to see her because you have a surprise for her.

How to make my woman blush and make her love me?

When I text her she don"t always reply back or call, I am the one who calls her first and I am the one who starts a conversation first so I want to know if she loves me and I want to be the person she will text when she wakes up and the person she always try to check up on. I have tried: Like texting her each day, sometimes in the morning and night but I don"t always text her in the noon cause I am always busy and she is a busy type. I don"t know if she is really a busy type or maybe she doesn"t love me. I think it was caused by: Not sure but we just started our relationship not quite long and we haven"t seen each other yet

You both just met so you are still learning about each other. You can"t physically make someone love you but you can jump start the process by texting her in the morning and the evening about something that excites you about her. If she is not calling you, she just may be old fashioned or shy to make the first contact. Sometimes people have to really know a person before they call them casually.Try to arrange dates twice a week so that she can begin to feel comfortable around you. Write her an old fashioned romantic letter and mail it to her. Send her flowers at work. Bring romance into her everyday and she will fall for you in no time!

How do I get a super shy woman who I truly believe wants me to show it?

We are good friends. She has a child, we love speaking to each other. She knows I really want her but I don"t want to scare her off. She is responsive but sometimes seems like her attitude changes around certain people, not bad just less interested in me. How can I tell if she is ready for the next move. She can be super shy.

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