What is this phrase actually supplied for? "Talking to someone in a condescfinishing manner " or "talking to someone in basic terms" or does it expect both?

Source 1:(Cambridge Dictionary) https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/talk-down-to-someone

to sheight to someone in a basic way, as if the perboy cannot understand also things and also you can:

Our background teacher never talks dvery own to us.

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Source 2: (The Collins Dictionary) https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-thesaurus/talk-down-to-someone

in the sense of condescfinish to:

She never before talked down to her students.

Does it intend both of the things? If not then what can be provided to expect "talking to someone in easy terms i.e. simple, layman"s language" as in The Cambridge Dictionary?

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asked Apr 28 "19 at 7:55

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To talk down to someone suggests to soptimal to them as if you think they are stupid, naive or ignorant; it is always taken into consideration insulting. This interpretation is not as clear in the Cambridge interpretation as the Collins one, although the explanation "as if the perchild cannot understand also things and also you can" does convey that. To indicate to someone that you are more clever than they are, or recognize more than they carry out, is deeply insulting.

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