We must minister to the Lord for the structure of God, which is the corpoprice expression of the Triune God. To minister to the Lord sindicate suggests that whatever before we do in our company for the Lord is for the Lord’s sake, satisfactivity, heart’s desire, happiness, goal, pleacertain, and glory.

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All our business to the Lord needs to be initiated by God, otherwise it is possible – according to Num. 18:1, that we might sin against the Lord in our company of him.

The initiation of the Lord’s occupational need to be according to God’s perfect will certainly, the development of His work should be according to God’s power, and the outcome of God’s occupational should always be the glory of God, the corporate expression of the Triune God in radiant glory.

Everypoint we carry out must come out of from Him (according to His perfect will), need to be through Him (according to His power), and also have to be unto Him (for His radiant expression), as per Rom. 11:36.

Any work-related for God that is initiated by male and not by God, regardless how much it is “for the Lord”, is a mere spiritual activity devoid of the visibility of Christ. We don’t desire to start anything for the Lord, even though it is for Him, for if we initiate anypoint acomponent from the Lord, the Lord’s presence is not through us.

What we want to carry out is be filled via the visibility of God.

The principle of God’s work-related and also our working for God is watched plainly with David in 2 Sam. 7; he was zealous to build a holy place for God, but God rejected his good intentions – for He wanted to develop David a residence, and also out of this inner functioning, someone and also somepoint will come out for the structure of God.

Our heart and intentions to perform something for God and also build His residence are great and acceptable, but our decision to carry out something for God is not acceptable.

God doesn’t desire us to decide anypoint on His behalf; He wants us to love Him, wait for His command, and also get His revelation prior to we execute anything.

Whoever cannot speak working for the sake of God cannot occupational for the sake of God (M. E. Barber as soon as said). We need to minister to the Lord by taking Him as our resource and letting Him initiate, and all the power for the job-related have to be from Him, so that the result would certainly be unto Him.

Are we Ministering to the Lord Himself or are we Ministering to His House?

Tbelow is an excellent distinction between ministering to the Lord and ministering to His residence. The question is, are we ministering to the Lord Himself or are we ministering to His house?

The Levites that minister to the house of God went far away from the Lord as Israel went amethod after their idols, yet they minister to the house of God in slaughtering the charred providing, offering the sacrifice for the human being, and also standing prior to them to minister to them.

We must be those that perform not go much amethod from the Lord after idols yet come ago to Him, come forward to Him. An idol is not just somepoint outward but anypoint within us that we love even more than the Lord, anypoint that reareas Him in our life (Ezek. 14:3 – idols are in the heart).

Those that set up idols in their heart are estranged from God in their heart; they may outwardly seek the Lord, yet they might not find Him.

As checked out in Jer. 2:13, in God’s eyes His civilization have the right to commit two evils: forsaking Him as the fountain of living waters, and also hewing out for ourselves cisterns – damaged cisterns which host no water.

In His economic situation God inoften tends to be the fountain, the resource of living waters, so that He might dispense Himself right into us for our enjoyment, through the goal that He might get a equivalent, an enlargement, an expression.

However, we may be amethod from God, of we might be hewing out cisterns, that is, having most human toil for something that is not God, something that tries to relocation God as our enjoyment. Apart from God Himself as the living water nopoint have the right to fulfill our thirst or make us God’s counterpart!

In God’s eyes, there’s not only the minisattempt to the house however there’s a far better ministry: the ministry to the Lord!

What He is looking for is not many kind of world that are busy taking care of so many practical points in His house; He desires us to minister to Him, serve Him.

Laboring is extremely important: we should take treatment of so many kind of activities in the church life, yet carry out we minister to the Lord, or carry out we minister to His house?

God wants to get some that “minister to Me” (Ezek. 44:15) – He desires many type of that minister to the Lord Himself. He is trying to find the little minority, the sons of Zadok, that belong to God, minister to God, and come cshed to the Lord to minister not just to His residence but to the Lord Himself.

Lord Jesus, we come forward to You to take You as the distinct fountain of living waters to quench our thirst and make us part of Your enlargement, Your counterpart. Only You deserve to meet our hunger and also thirst. We desire to forsake any idols in our heart and also concerned You. Oh Lord, we love You, we want to look for after You, and we want to be the sons of Zadok who minister to the Lord. Save us from merely laboring and also working for You outwardly, taking treatment of many type of things, yet not ministering to the Lord. Make us those that are ministering to the Lord day by day.

Ministering to the Lord by Giving Him the First Place and by Focmaking use of only on Him

Ministering to the Lord suggests that, in all the things we execute for Him in the church, Christ is our just goal, our just focus.

Many kind of believers feel that, as long as they aid with speaking the gospel to others for them to be conserved and join the church, that is great enough – this is the extent to which they would certainly serve the Lord. But there’s somepoint deeper than ministering to the residence of God – tbelow is the ministering to the Lord.

Ministering to the Lord doesn’t exclude doing the many type of crucial points we have to do in the church life, but our heart in doing these points is for the Lord, and also our goal is the Lord Himself.

Our distinctive goal in our living and also work-related for the Lord is Christ Himself; we treasure guys for the Lord’s sake, we preach the gospel for the Lord’s sake, and also we help others to development in their spiritual life for the Lord’s sake.

Our emphasis is not our occupational for the Lord; our focus is the Lord Himself. We come to the Lord, enjoy Him, are filled and also saturated via Him, and also we minister to the Lord even as we do this and also that, the essential things in the church life.

The Apostle Paul was such a one; he testified in Phil. 1:25 that, even though he personally wanted to go and be through the Lord, he was confident that the Lord will certainly let him proceed be through the saints for their progress and also joy of belief.

He knew that he will remain via the saints because he was a channel of supply, and when he was with the saints, they would certainly be helped in their expansion in life and also they would have the joy of the confidence, that is, the enjoyment of Christ.

May we be those choose Paul that think the one point (Phil. 2:2), the subjective expertise and also endure of Christ. Our focus should be the Lord Himself; we must seek Him to obtain Him, and also in everything we carry out Christ need to be our goal.

If we come to the Lord’s presence and also we focus just on Him, we will certainly spontaneously have the ability to minister to the brothers and sisters also.

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The question of whether or not we are ministering to the Lord hinges on whether or not the Lord occupies the initially place in our heart. Wbelow is our heart, and also what is our heart collection on? Is our heart set on the Lord, or is it collection on working for the Lord? Does the Lord have the first location in our heart?

Outwardly we may do many great things, serving in the church, however what around our heart? Our motive tells whatever around our case, and also our case hinges on why we execute things.

Lord Jesus, we desire to minister to the Lord by offering You the initially area in our heart and by concentrating just on You. Lord, occupy the initially location in our heart. We offer You the preeminence, and also we want to do whatever out of You, through You, and also unto You. You are our only focus, our only goal. We just want to acquire You, be filled through You, and reap You even more for the Body. Save us from simply ministering to the home of God without having our heart set on You and also without having You as our goal. Re-facility us, Lord, and also recalibrate us so that we might focus on You and give You the first place in our heart!