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1  verb 
If someone resides in a details area or with a details perchild, their house is in that location or with that perkid. She has lived right here for 10 years...  V adv/prep She always sassist I must live alone...  V adv/prep Wbelow execute you live?...  V adv/prep He still stays with his parents.  V adv/prep 
2  verb 
If you say that someone lives in specific situations or that they live  a particular type of life, you mean that they are in those situations or that they have that sort of life.  We lived rather grandly...  V adv/prep Contrasted to world living just a few generations earlier, we have actually greater methods to have actually a good time...  V adv/prep We have the right to start living a normal life aobtain currently.  V n 
3  verb 
If you say that someone resides for a particular thing, you mean that it is the the majority of crucial thing in their life. He lived for his occupational.  V for n 
4  verb 
To live  indicates to be alive. If someone livesto a particular age, they stay alive till they are that age.  He"s got a devastating disease and will certainly not live lengthy...  V adv He lived to be 103...  V to-inf Matilda was born in north Italy in 1046 and apparently lived to a ripe old age...  V to n The blue whale is the biggest living thing on the world...  V-ing 
5  verb 
If civilization live by doing a specific activity, they obtain the money, food, or apparel they need by doing that activity. no cont ...the last native people to live by searching...  V by -ing/n These crimes were committed mainly by expert criminals who lived by crime.  V by -ing/n 
6  verb 
If you live by a particular rule, belief, or best, you behave actually in the means in which it claims you have to behave actually. They live by the principle that we are below to include what we have the right to to life, not to get what we desire from it.  V by n 
 → to live hand to mouth  → hand  → to live past your means  → means  → to live in sin  → sin live down  phrasal verb If you are unable to live dvery own a mistake, faitempt, or bad reputation, you are unable to make civilization forgain about it. Labour was additionally unable to live down its reputation as the party of high taxes...  V P n (not pron) I believed I"d never live it down.  V n P live off  phrasal verb If you live off another perkid, you rely on them to provide you through money. ...a guy that all his life had actually lived off his father.  V P n live on , live off 
1  phrasal verb If you live on or live off a certain amount of money, you have that amount of money to buy points. Even via reliable budgeting, a lot of students are unable to live on £4000 per year...  V P amount You"ll have actually sufficient to live on...  V P amount 
2  phrasal verb 
If you live on or live off a certain resource of income, that is wbelow you acquire the money that you require. The proportion of Americans living on welfare climbed...  V P n He"s been living off state benefits.  V P n 
3  phrasal verb 
If an pet lives on or stays off a certain food, this is the type of food that it eats. The fish live on the plankton...  V P n Most species live off aquatic snails.  V P n 
4  phrasal verb 
If you say that a person resides on or resides off a certain sort of food, you expect that it seems to be the only point that they eat, for instance because they like it a lot or because they perform not have other foodstuffs. The youngsters live on chips...  V P n Their room was bare of furniture and they lived off porridge.  V P n live on  phrasal verb If someone lives on, they continue to be alive for a long time after a certain point in time or after a details occasion. I know my life has actually been cut brief by this terrible virus but Daniel will live on after me.  V P live out 
1  phrasal verb If you live out your life in a specific place or in specific scenarios, you continue to be in that place or in those scenarios till the finish of your life or till the finish of a details duration of your life. Gein did not stand trial yet lived out his days in a psychological asylum...  V P n (not pron) I couldn"t live my life out on tour choose he does.  V n P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you live out a dream or concept, you carry out the things that you have actually believed about. He began living out his rock `n" roll fantasy during his last year in legislation school...  V P n (not pron) I mean some civilization create an principle of that they desire to be, and then they live it out.  V n P live through  phrasal verb If you live via an unpleasant event or change, you experience it and also make it through. We are as well young to have actually lived with the war...  V P n live together  phrasal verb If 2 people are not married yet live in the same residence and have a sex-related connection, you can say that they live together. The couple had been living together for 16 years.  V P live up to  phrasal verb If someone or somepoint stays approximately what they were supposed to be, they are as excellent as they were supposed to be. Sales have not lived as much as expectations this year...  V P P n 

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