What is the expression that deserve to be used to define the situation once someone tries to justify himself, also as soon as he knows that he"s wrong.

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The situation is when the perkid didn"t finish his duty, and tries to define that he did nopoint wrong, by utilizing lame excprovides. So, my question is about doing somepoint incorrect quite than doing somepoint morally wrong.

It is not around internal reasoning, it is around someone trying to deflect blame being placed (rightly) on him by others.



Based on suggest #2, I would say that he is trying to pass the buck:

Fig. to pass the blame (to someone else); to give the obligation (to someone else). (source: The Free Dictionary)


In OP"s context, if the person is trying to convince various other people that"s he"s blameless, he could be...

justifying himself to explain to someone the reason why you did somepoint, especially once they think you have actually done somepoint wrong.

If he"s trying to convince himself, one can say he"s trying to...

rationalise his actions attempt to describe or justify (behaviour or an attitude) via logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.

Keep in mind that both verbs have the right to also (but much less commonly) be used in the various other context.

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answered Nov 3 "13 at 21:20

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There is no distinction between the two previous scenarios. "Justifying", does specify the "deflection" explained. Saying that you did what you did bereason of a past experience is a "justification"!!!! No issue if you choose to acknowledge the actions as wrong or not. "I understand what I did was poor, but I did it bereason someone did it to me." = JUSTIFICATION!!!

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answered Apr 13 "15 at 2:42

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For a prevalent (American) idiom, I think you would say that the person is trying to weasel out.

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answered Apr 13 "15 at 4:34
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