I want to have a clear conscience so that I recognize to judge clearly what is right or wrong.


I want to have a clean conscientific research, therefore I will not execute such an ugly point.

The dictionary tells that "clear conscience" is the very same as "clean conscience". Both are idioms. However, my intuition is that a clear conscience is more around giving a clear judgment, whereas clean conscience is more about avoiding poor deeds and also being complimentary of guilt. I can agree that "clear conscience" covers the 2 interpretations, yet I would certainly say "clean conscience" would better be restricted to the interpretation as in the second example. Am I wrong?

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In the context of conscientific research, clear does not necessarily have actually associations through negativity, it is simply being complimentary of distractions. (cf. "clear thought" vs. "clean thought")

Clean, on the other hand also, implies being totally free from negativity.

One with a clear conscientific research is not affected by anypoint in his decision making.

One deserve to have a clean conscience only once not tainted by misdeeds of the past.

As for the dictionary interpretation, the suggest can be that in actual consumption the phrases are mostly interchangeable and also the difference is too subtle in many contexts.


I agree about a "clean" conscientific research being "untainted by misdeeds of the past" -- that is, without also the faintest tinge of wrong or ambiguous judgment. But "clear" conscience has actually always implied to me a looking-back over deeds and judgments that could have been questionable; and also, upon reflection, they came up great. So, maybe, a "cleared" conscience?


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