Against the Grain Meaning

Definition: To perform something in different ways from the traditional method many world carry out it.

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This idiom implies to perform points one’s very own way, going versus the normal rules or expectations for how that point is commonly done.

Origin of Against the Grain

It is typically thought that this expression emerged from the grain in wood. In this circumstances, grain describes the fibers of wood and also the direction in which they lie.

When carpenters wish to cut hardwood, they can carry out this most conveniently by cutting along the grain. It is feasible to cut versus the grain, but it is more challenging and much less widespread.

Although this idiom may have been supplied formerly, many sources mention Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus from 1607. The idiom appears in the passage below,

Say, you chose him

More after our commandment than as guided

By your own true affections, and that your minds,

Preinhabited via what you rather have to do

Than what you have to, made you against the grain

To voice him consul: lay the fault on us.

Instances of Against the Grain

This idiom can be provided through either positive or negative connotations.

Here is an instance of the idiom being provided by 2 college students pointing out music,

Regina: It’s Valentine’s day. Why aren’t you wearing pink?

Ginny: I just didn’t feel choose it.

Regina: But everyone wears pink now. It’s a holiday!

Ginny: I guess I just prefer to go against the grain.

In this instance, 2 friends talk about an upcoming party. Here the idiom is used to mean going against the normal rules of polite habits,

Kevin: I can’t believe Amy didn’t invite me to her wedding.

Steve: Yeah, male, I’m sorry to hear that. It more than likely wasn’t intentional, you know. She probably just forgot.

Kevin: You’re right! I must just display up.

Steve: I don’t understand around that.

Kevin: Why shouldn’t I? It’s not illegal.

Steve: No, but it’s definitely versus the grain. Why don’t you just let me message her to watch if she forgot?

Kevin: All appropriate, fine.

More Examples

In the instance listed below, the idiom incorpoprices the adjective “modernist” to demonstrate specifically what the grain went versus.

In this second instance, the expression is provided to present that efforts to defend the setting go against what the Republihave the right to political party generally believes is ideal.

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The phrase versus the grain means doing the oppowebsite of what others are doing, or of what others expect you to execute.


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