Sampson and Gregory are servants of Capulet (Juliet's family) and are walking alengthy talking about how a lot they hate the Montegues (Romeo's family). Sampchild is talking shit and Gregory is saying that Sampboy won't actually throw dvery own if somepoint taken place. Sampson claims that if they come across a Montegue he'll acquire angry and disrespect him, and also keeps talking more shit around what he would certainly do to them.

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That's when they come throughout Abram (Montegue servant) and also one more. Gregory tells Sampkid "Yo, tright here they are, pull out your sword and carry out your thing." Sampkid claims that his sword is out currently and also that he's obtained Gregory's earlier. Gregory calls him a little bitch, that Sampson was the one in search of the fight and also now he's just backup, and also tells him that Sampkid would certainly probably run amethod if somepoint went down.

Now Sampboy is being even more of a bitch, worried about breaking the law. He doesn't desire to start something, and also states to Gregory to wait and also let THEM start somepoint. Gregory claims he'll frown at them, and Sampchild states he'll bite his thumb to provoke them. If Abram ignores the insult then they'll be dishonored. Boy, those Capulets, really showing up the Montegues right here.

So this leads to the exchange:

Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?

Sampson: I execute bite my thumb, sir.

Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?

Sampson (to Gregory): Is the regulation of our side if I say ay?

Gregory: No.

Sampson: No, sir, I perform not bite my thumb at you sir; yet I bite my thumb, sir.

Gregory: Do you quarrel, sir?

Abraham: Quarrel, sir? No, sir.

Sampson: If you execute, sir, I am for you: I serve as good a male as you.

Abraham: No much better.

Sampson: Well, sir.

Gregory: (to Sampson) Say 'better'; here comes one of my master's kinsguys.

Sampson: Yes, better, sir.

Abraham: You lie.

Sampson: Draw, if you be men! Gregory, remember thy swashing blow. (They fight)

So Abram is asking Sampchild if he's insulting him. Sampchild feigns ignorance and says he was simply being insulting in general. Abram repeats the question. Sampboy asks Gregory whether it would certainly be lawful for him to admit to directly insulting Abram, and Gregory said no, that he'd be provoking it, so Sampboy bitches out aacquire and states that he wasn't being directly insulting. Gregory then asks Abram if he's trying to begin a fight, and Abram's favor "What, me? No." Sampchild grows some balls and also insults Abram's boss (Mr. Montegue). Gregory sees another Capulet coming, so Gregory eggs on Sampboy, saying "Yo, my boy's below, go ahead and say Mr. Capulet is better than Mr. Montegue." Sampson and also Abram begin fighting as Benvolio (Romeo Montegue's cousin) gets tbelow. Benvolio pulls his sword and also tries to speak the fight, calling them idiots. But then Tybalt (Juliet Capulet's cousin, the guy that Gregory observed coming) walks in. He laughs at Benvolio because he thinks Benvolio is fighting through the servants, so Tybalt starts to fight via Bevolio.

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So currently servants are fighting servants, Romeo's cousin is fighting Juliet's cousin, citizens are beginning to gather and insulting BOTH families, then the Lords and also Ladies Capulet and also Montague get on the scene. Shit's out of manage because of the feud, there's a crazy riot going on, and also even Old Man Capulet and Old Man Montague are posturing and also wanting to go at it. Then the Prince mirrors up with his peeps and shuts the totality thing dvery own.