Your teen wants to do much better in institution, and works really difficult to do well, just to be left via negative qualities that don’t reflect their work input.

So your son asks the teacher what they have the right to perform to aid enhance their qualities.

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And the teacher answers: “Apply yourself”.

That sounds great. But as soon as your teenager goes to take action on this advice, they have NO principle what to do!

What does that even mean?


Some students may think that “apply yourself” means arriving and also being current to course, and also paying attention. Which is a reasonable assumption! But this isn’t exactly what the teacher had actually in mind.

So exactly how is a student meant to “apply them self” if they don’t even know what that means.

Here’s how to start

Apply yourself doesn’t simply intend make certain you present approximately class. Instead, it indicates that your teenager needs to be equipped via the tools and the skills necessary to carry out well in college.

If I was going to apply for a project, I would require the devices and the abilities vital to do well in that task.

Same goes for school!

We must equip our kids via the TOOLS and also the SKILLS to carry out much better in institution.

So what does that look like?

Having our kids “apply yourself” starts with making sure they have the ideal abilities for college. These abilities are occasionally referred to as study abilities, but I like to speak to them academic skills.

If your teenager has the best study skills, execute they study well prior to tests? Do they cram the night before a test? Do they carry out well on tests? How well perform they retain information?

If your teenager has the best company skills, carry out they create dvery own eexceptionally assignment? Or execute they forget assignments? Do they control massive assignments well by beginning weeks in advancement and not the night before?

If your teenager has actually the appropriate note taking skills, carry out they take notes fast? Or perform they also take notes at all? Do they use their notes to study for the following test?

If your teenager has the ideal time management skills, perform they job-related on assignments in advance? Or wait till the night prior to it’s due? Do they waste time watching tv, or playing video games, and also then begin homejob-related at 8pm at night?

These are simply a couple of of the skills that teens need in order to really “apply themselves” well!

Does your teen have actually the abilities to apply themselves?

This is an extremely significant question! If your teenager is struggling in school, then it is likely that they simply don’t have the abilities needed to learn better, boost grades, and also accomplish success in institution.

So what have the right to we, as parental fees, execute to aid our teenager carry out much better in school?

First, we deserve to teach out teens these skills. Test your teenager to view which academic abilities they have and also which they still should learn.

Next, produce a plan to start teaching these skills to your teen. Select a couple of of the a lot of necessary abilities, such as study skills, note taking and organization. Start through these 3!

Give them the tools

If your teenager does not have these abilities for institution, then you have the right to give them the tools they should learn these skills.

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One tool obtainable is to acquire them a study skills routine. I market a program that teaches students the peak 8 abilities essential for academic success. Without these 8 abilities, your teen will proceed to occupational hard without a positive result.

To learn even more around this routine, and just how to acquire accessibility for your teen or preteen, click here.