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anger, ire, rage, fury, indignation, wrath mean an intense emotional state induced by displeasure. anger, the most general term, names the reaction but by itself does not convey cause or intensity. tried to hide his anger ire, even more constant in literary contexts, argues an intense anger, regularly via an evident display of feeling. cheeks fluburned via ire rage and fury imply loss of self-manage from violence of emovement. shook through rage could not contain his fury indignation stresses righteous anger at what one considers unfair, suppose, or shameful. a comment that led to general indignation wrath is most likely to indicate a desire or intent to punish or gain revenge. I feared her wrath if I was discovered

I am eager to concede that in our cataclysmic people this is a little misfortune, aromaking use of even in me just the sort of indignation that could be thoaround vented in a lengthy footnote somewright here. — Marilynne Robinkid, The Death of Adam, (1998) 2005 It"s great to bear the coming before in mind once trying to comprehend the indignation with which the East Coast establishment greets work-related that dares to be both funny and also deadly significant in the exact same breath. — Tom Robbins, Harper"s, September 2004 … in his reverie, while his wife swooped earlier and also forth through sheets of last year"s leaves and bundles of brisk directives, his brooding mind wequipped his old indignation at not having been invited to that party given by his then newly forsaken inamorata. — John Updike, The Afterlife, 1994 The decision to cshed the manufacturing facility has aroused the indignation of the townshuman being. He adopted a tone of ethical indignation.

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Recent Instances on the Net Spiegelmale asked, with no small amount of indignation. — Julia Wick, Los Angeles Times, 25 Aug. 2021 The interactivity poignantly caught the moment’s multiplicity of emotion: sadness, indignation, function. — Isaac Lozano, San Diego Union-Tribune, 19 Aug. 2021 So, after all the righteous indigcountry over the election outrage in Texas had actually been spent, the majority party meekly gave up the fight for voting legal rights. — Beto O"rourke, CNN, 30 July 2021 Alito, via steely indignation, picked apart the logic of U.T.’s debates and of his colleagues’ majority opinion. — Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker, 26 July 2021 She was largely ignored, and her indignation can be felt throughout the evaluation. — Soleil Ho, San Francisco Chronicle, 20 June 2021 So many type of of us challenge intense and ongoing factors to feel scared and also angry, and our indigcountry is frequently warranted. — Marina Gomberg, The Salt Lake Tribune, 14 May 2021 That motivated anger and also indigcountry on the left and an advisory to teachers from the department to disregard the passage. — Chilton Williamkid Jr., WSJ, 25 Dec. 2020 Fred Wellguy, executive director of the Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump political action committee backed by previous and also current GOP operatives, fired off among the initially tweets of righteous indignation. — Greg Jefferchild, San Antonio Express-News, 2 July 2021

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