“don’t mind” sounds exceptionally polite and gentle. It’s prefer the person is saying “It’s ok through me.”; yet, “don’t care” sounds more powerful and also it’s choose the person is saying, “It doesn’t issue to me”.`

I"m curious: is it really simply a issue of more powerful emphasis, or is tbelow even more to it?



The method I have actually heard lutz-heilmann.infomales say it, "I do not mind" was supplied just when the perboy using this expression wanted to express his moderate acceptance of the outcome of a case."I don"t care", however, have the right to likewise be provided to expush indifference and to indicate that the outcome of a case has actually no meaning for you.

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This may sometimes attribute an unfavorable connotation to the message using this expression, whereas—as much as I know—"I do not mind" does not bear an adverse connotation.So "I don"t mind" is replaceable by "I do not care", but not constantly the various other method round.

Child: "Mum, can I go out and also play potentially dangerous round games choose footsphere or soccer through my friends?"

Mother: "I do not mind—the danger is worth the healthy consequences of sport, therefore I take alert and do not object"


Mother: "I don"t care—do what you will, your activities perform not concern me, I absence authority to form an opinion or I refuse to execute so."

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Tright here is a various meaning for don"t mind, somepoint choose do not object.

But in the usage you are talking about, the difference is as you"ve described. I think of it in regards to what"s implied:

I don"t mind

suggests somepoint prefer "give thanks to you for asking, as I can have had a choice, yet actually I do not care to express one. "

I do not care

can intend somepoint favor "I haven"t a preference, and there was no factor why you should think I can have actually."

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Mind X indicates to object to X.Care around X implies to have actually some interest in and feelings around X.

In the negative, then,

I don"t mind X = "I have actually no objections to X"I don"t care about X = "I have no interemainder in or feelings about X"

Both have the right to attribute as assent to a request for permission

I"m considering turning on the air conditioning.What do you think?I do not mind ~ I do not care = "Sure, go ahead"

Though, of course, they screen different emotional attitudes.

Such negative statements seem very widespread in languperiods of the civilization for reassurance.This is similar to the common lutz-heilmann.info expressions No problem(s), No trouble(s), No problems, Don"t (you) worry ((your pretty little head) about it),and the widespread Spanish expressions De nada, No hay problema, No te preocupes (sobre eso), and so on.

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While in some contexts it might be no more than a issue of focus, tright here is a substantive difference in between the two:

"I do not care" conveys full dismissal of the subject to which it is applied, while "I don"t mind" says that although it registers, it will not reason distress and anxiety or disturbance.

edit: Reanalysis the original write-up, it appears the quote which motivated the question makes the exact same point. My contribution is therefore limited to stating that it actually is a substantive difference.

See more: Why Did Southern States Feel Betrayed By President Zachary Taylor?

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