What does HO mean? Looking for the interpretation of the message abbreviation HO? Find Out when and also exactly how to usage this internet slang term via ESL infographic and helpful conversation examples in English.

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The term “HO” have the right to be offered in a lot of situations. When supplied in texting and messaging, it indicates “host on.” This is supplied in a suggest in the conversation or text exchange once someone requirements to leave the conversation for a brief minute to rerotate later on. The person who uses this expression is asking the other party to “host on” for a little while they carry out something. This have the right to be a few secs or a few hours depending upon the instance.

Similar internet slang words

Tright here are a few comparable phrases that can be supplied below. For example, we have “WAM” and “WFI.” “WAM” means “wait a minute.” Although the expression supplies the exact time measurement of a “minute,” the duration that the various other party is being asked to wait have the right to actually be a lot shorter or longer. “WFI” indicates “wait for it.” This is commonly provided when something is about to occur quickly or as soon as someone will certainly perform an action shortly. It’s equivalent to “hold on” but this is more commonly offered once somepoint will take place soon and also not as soon as someone will certainly leave a conversation and return to it later on.

Similarly, we can also use “BBIAM” and also “JAM.” These intend “be earlier in a minute” and “just a minute” respectively.

One have to additionally be mindful as soon as making use of “HO” in lowercase, like “ho,” bereason this can be provided as an insult. “Ho” have the right to be construed as “hoe” and also can suppose a perchild who is a “prostitute,” “whore,” or “promiscuous perchild.”

Conversation Examples

Let’s look at a few examples:

Example 1:

Texter 1: Hey, do you have actually the number for Dave? He’s expected to pick up that bike this particular day.Texter 2: I think so, HO.

(2 minutes later)

Texter 2: Just uncovered it! I’ll take a pic and sfinish it to you.

This is a brief exreadjust in between two friends. Texter 1 requirements the contact indevelopment for their shared frifinish Dave. Texter 2 asks Texter 1 to “hold on” while she locates the indevelopment. After a couple of minutes, she retransforms to let Texter 1 know that she has discovered the information and will certainly sfinish it to him soon.

Example 2:

Co-worker 1: Dude, you all set for today?Co-worker 2: What’s up?Co-worker 1: Lol, nice joke.Co-worker 2: No, I’m serious. Is something going on?Co-worker 1: OMG, the boss is coming dvery own. Do you have actually your speech ready?Co-worker 2: HO, I think I obtained it.

(5 minutes later)

Co-worker 2: Crap, I thought I had actually it but I can’t discover it.Co-worker 1: Damn, looks prefer you’re screwed buddy.Co-worker 2: I’m cool male, I’ll just carry out it live!

Here we check out a lengthy conversation in between two colleagues at work-related. Co-worker 1 asks Co-worker 2 if he is ready for the day’s massive occasion. Co-employees 2 appears to have actually foracquired that their boss is visiting the office and he has to provide a speech. He provides “HO” to tell Co-worker 1 to wait while he finds the speech. After not being able to discover the speech, he decides to improvise it.

Other Meanings

“HO” also has a couple of various other meanings when used in texting or virtual. “HO” deserve to suppose “head office,” “manual,” “hoswarm opinion,” or “humble opinion.”

History OfHead OnHome OfficeHead OfficeHang OutHard OnHand also OutHigh OccupancyHealth OccupationsHost OpenHigh OutputHearing Officer

HO Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say HO

“Hold On” Synonyms List

Wait a minuteHang onStay strongTough it outHang in thereHold the lineJust a momentLie in waitStick it outSit tightStick to

Synonyms for “Hold On” via Examples

Wait a minute

Wait a minute, I want to shake some of this water out of my boots.

Hang on

Hang on! I’ll be back in two shakes!

Stay strong

The financial industries have to remain strong, through retirement money investments continuing to reap decent returns for employees.

Tough it out

She told herself to be brave and challenging it out.

Hang in there

Hang in there and also you never know what you might attain.

Hold the line

Please hold the line. I’m trying to affix you.

Just a moment

I looked right into the little mirror for simply a moment.

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Lie in wait

Police officers lie in wait for the gangs that stalk their prey at night.

Stick it out