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I have heard this expression used, usually in a scenario involving sexual gratification or stimulation, however don"t know wbelow the phrase originated. I tried to search it on WW however could acquire no satisfactivity.

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The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unstandard English has actually a citation from 1969, however Bob Dylan composed a song entitled Get Your Rocks Off previously that was covered by Manfred Mann in the "70s..
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So Bob Dylan is the earliest example of this expression? I wonder what he was thinking? I can not visualize the unloading of rocks in a sex-related analogy. Firing of rockets, shooting of a geiser, however unloading rocks????

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One of the many kind of slang terms for the testicles is "stones"; my guess, for which I have no certain proof, is that the "rocks" in "obtain one"s rocks off" alludes to this. If I am on the ideal track, one possible literal interpretation of "obtain one"s rocks off" is "empty one"s testicles ". Anvarious other opportunity is that the expression has actually been influenced by "get off " (i.e. to attain satisfaction ).
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Erik has the explanation for GET YOUR ROCK S OFF pretty a lot ideal. And I’ll carry out confirmation from a couple of resources (and also the OED"s from-on-high pontifications) and additionally some further interpretations that Cassell’s consists of.Dylan, however, was not the initially to use the expression, although he helped popularize it. BREWER’S DICTIONARY OF MODERN PHRASE & FABLEGET ONE’S ROCKS OFF: To endure an orgasm, ‘rocks’ here being the testicles, as a pun on medieval ‘stones’ in this sense. The vulgar expression, which originated in UNITED STATE slang, has got a more comprehensive and also more primarily acceptable interpretation ‘to reap oneself,’ ‘to attain satisfaction <>.’ Both senses day from the 1940s. Alterindigenous formulations encompass ‘gain one’s nuts off’ and also the euphemism ‘obtain on’s cookies off.’ The Rolling Stones had actually a song ‘Rocks Off.’______________________________________CASSELL’S DICTIONARY OF SLANGGET ONE’S ROCKS OFF verb <1940s and also still in use>: 1) To have sexual intercourse, to endure orgasm. (cf. ‘gain one’s ashes hauled,’ verb)2) To gain one’s self.3) To acquire any type of develop of satisfaction; for this reason acquire someone’s rocks off, to meet, to please (cf. ‘provide someone rocks,’ verb).4) To masturbate.5) ( drugs) To binge pleasurably on drugs.noun The testicles>______________________________________OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARYTO GET ONE’S ROCKS OFF slang (initially U.S.

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): To achieve sex-related satisfaction; (in weakened sense) to acquire enjoyment.
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