caretotally free, casual, easygoing, footloose and fancy-free, cost-free as the wind, informal, loose, unworried, untroubled, blithe, airy, nonchalant, insouciant, happy-go-lucky, free and straightforward, easy-going, blasé, devil-may-care, casual, tranquil, serene

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I heard you gained transferred to the research and also development department newly. What are you doing over there?

Colleague 2: It is a really interesting position. I don't have any kind of certain duties or jobs. I am as free as a bird to work on whatever before comes to mind.

Colleague 1: No constraints?

Colleague 2: I have the right to come up via whatever before principles I wish to pursue and also then just require a perfunctory budobtain application and also off I go.

Idiom Scenario 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Frifinish 1: Wow. I haven't checked out you in years. What have you been doing?

Friend 2: I've been island also hopping in the South Pacific.

Friend 1: Must be nice to be complimentary as a bird.

Frifinish 2: I inherited a huge sum of money once an uncle passed away some years back so I don't have actually a care in the people. I execute what I want and also am enjoying my stress-free life immensely.

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(to be) (as) cost-free as a bird - In the News

(to be) (as) cost-free as a bird - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 120

(to be) (as) totally free as a bird - Gerund Form:

Being totally free as a bird, she jumped at the opportunity for a prolonged pilgrimage of Europe.

(to be) (as) complimentary as a bird - Examples:

1) The only bonus was that I was free as a bird to explore every inch of Port Kembla beach.

2) ... young and also naive, it's a sure winner to walk free as a bird. I was young and also naive, and also less than perfect.

3) After my exams, yet, I'll be as free as a bird!

4) He loved to play and also jump and also shout, free as a bird he would certainly race around.

5) I am as free as a bird. I take opportunities in life. Risks, actually. My parents say I ...

6) You are cost-free of constraints, making you feel 'as free as a bird'. Although you might regard this feeling of liberation as luck ...

7) ... and then there's defense. After that hurdle, you are free as a bird to fly out. In some airports they glance at your passport as soon as more, ...

8) ... say that they were nervous prior to the exams but currently they feel free as a bird. They have actually passed their tests well and are very happy.

9) He is as free as a bird on the wing. He will not accept any type of cage, howsoever valuable.

10) I'm a girl that likes to be free as a bird. So, I favor to express myself regardless of all social obstacles.

11) ... be throwing my graduation cap in the air. I'll be free as a bird. But I've got thesis to be done before graduating.

12) ... having embraced any type of prior proposals from men I knew bereason I am free as a bird youthful and also beautiful.

13) ... you desire to follow what you want, you desire to be free as a bird.

14) It has actually constantly been as free as a bird. Any attempt on locking it ameans in time. would certainly kill its soul.

15) ... learned that time was flexible; that one moment you were as free as a bird via nothing much to carry out, and unexpectedly 2 hrs before the finish of the ...

16) ... recontact a happier day in my life. I was lastly free as a bird and also never looked back!

17) With no debt to pay back, they are free as a bird to save prospering and also carrying the earnings to shareholders.

18) ... take on a new persona, and be as free as a bird.

19) But, as soon as a partnership occurs, some of the free as a bird principle will certainly be limited.

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20) Going scuba diving. In the middle of the week! Free as a bird. I was 37 then, working in my very own company 7 days a week.