According to the Free Thesaurus, dropping someone a line indicates sfinishing them a brief message.

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Is this correct? I constantly assumed it meant phoning someone, the line referring to a telephone line.



It describes a line of message in a letter, so it implies sending a brief message (possibly via simply one single line of text).

(If you drop the line during a phone speak to, that indicates you"re hanging up)


History says the telephone was created in 1876. I imagine A. G. Bell would certainly be amazed at this Ngram (could he view it) if, indeed, it describes telephone communication!


Drop me a line invites someone to compose something to you: a message, a note or a short letter. It probably has to do through the lines that make up a item of writing.


I think you are confutilizing the line in "Hold the line" through the line in "a line of text". The statement you posted has actually the second interpretation.

"Drop a line" additionally means to install a phone line, and the definition has portmanteau"d into "provide me a call" in many kind of circles. This I deserve to verify from first-hand endure.

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I think the confusion right here is in the definition behind "a brief message" in

A "message" in this situation does not necessarily intend a text message. It deserve to just as quickly mean a phone message, and also is extremely typically provided to intend just that.

It"s funny just how many kind of phrases in language completely lose context with their origins over time. "Drop a call" seems choose a different nuance than "drop a line". And tright here is the activity of dropping a line as in the actual telephone cable line being dropped right into the ground for installation.

I additionally translate "drop me a line" to come from dropping someone a line of rope to reach them (affix through them). By that interpretation, and mode of communication including any kind of type of line seems to qualify – a telephone line, a line of text, or also a pickup line in a bar (which has the included irony of dropping vs. picking up) :)

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