"Ditat Deus"

(God enriches) Adopted in 1863; 1912. Originator: Ricdifficult Cunningham McCormick, 1863 Language: Latin Focus: Religious See Arizona State Seal

Ditat Deus has actually been translated as: "God Enriches.

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" The motto has actually stays unchanged since its development by Rictough Cunningham McCormick in 1863. The motto was offered by the writer and also journalist Richard McCormick that was appointed secretary of the Arizona Territory by President Lincoln.Ditat Deus served as the motto of the Arizona Territory from 1863 to 1912 and also has offered as the motto of the State of Arizona considering that 1912.

The motto is an expression, a lot of likely biblical in beginning, of an extremely deep religious sentiment. A shield through the motto Ditat Deus, which means God Enriches, lies in the center of the seal and contains signs of Arizona"s key enterprises.

Arizona State Motto "Ditat Deus"

Arizona"s motto, Ditat Deus, meaning God enwealth, is in all probcapacity derived from Genesis 14:23 of the Latin Vulgate Version of the Scriptures.

Ditat Deus served as the motto of the Arizona Territory from 1863 to 1912 and also has actually served as the motto of the State of Arizona because 1912. It is shown on the current Great Seal of Arizona.

Tbelow are four says through mottos that point out "God." Many world would most likely regard them as being spiritual mottos:

Tright here are 3 various other states via mottos that make reference to "God."

Motto Originator

Richard Cunningham McCormick, Jr. (May 23, 1832 - June 2, 1901) was an Amerihave the right to politician, businessmale, and journalist. He offered as the second Governor of Arizona Territory, 3 time Delegate to the UNITED STATE House of Representatives from Arizona Territory, and also as a Member of the U.S. Housage of Representatives from New York. McCormick"s various other achievements incorporate company as a war correspondent in the time of two different conflicts and also production of two Arizonan newsfiles.

Arizona Constitution

The regulation designating the main Arizona state motto is uncovered in the Arizona Constitution, Post 22, Section 20.

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This statute defines the Arizona State Seal. The motto is specified within this description.

Blog post 22. SCHEDULE AND MISCELLANEOUS. Section 20. Design of state seal. 20. Design of state seal Section 20. The seal of the State shall be of the following design: In the background shall be a selection of mountains, via the sun climbing behind the peaks thereof, and at the appropriate side of the array of mountains tright here shall be a storage reservoir and also a dam, below which in the middle distance are irrigated fields and orchards reaching into the foreground, at the right of which are cattle grazing. To the left in the middle distance on a hill side is a quartz mill in front of which and also in the foreground is a miner standing via pick and also shovel. Above this device shall be the motto: "Ditat Deus." In a circular band neighboring the totality gadget shall be inscribed: "Great Seal of The State of Arizona", with the year of admission of the State into the Union.