2 : an act of self-indulgence lived a life of dissipation specifically : one that is not harmful : amusement

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Insulation helps prevent the dissipation of warmth from homes in the winter. a movie about the dissipation of a renowned heir"s fortune He lived a life of dissipation.

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Recent Instances on the Net Rather, to clear the air, and to demonstrate dissipation of any kind of hard feelings. — chicagotribune.com, 26 July 2021 But, simply as the dissipation of a friendship might be blamelessly common, so, as well, is the work-related of its feasible rerevolve. — Jane Hu, The New Yorker, 11 June 2021 Alengthy via the preventative procedures of a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, the OAG has asked the court to apsuggest a receiver to proccasion any type of further dissipation of client funds. — Jakid Brett, Forbes, 12 May 2021 Anvarious other factor for the dissipation of value is premature demolition, wright here divestment decisions are taken based upon possibility price and also the economic life of an ascollection. — Arshdeep Sethi, Forbes, 10 Mar. 2021 The proprietary aluminum shell style ensures steady warm dissipation so the GigaDrive never before gets too warm, a instance that can considerably slow-moving dvery own data transfers. — Mark Sparrowhead, Forbes, 18 Apr. 2021 The precepts of originalism and textualism reinforce the Straussian focus on structure texts, the timemuch less universality of frozen language, and ethical dissipation. — Peter Hammond Schwartz, The New Republic, 3 Feb. 2021 And the product properties of the bristles and the architecture of the brushes encertain optimum dissipation of any kind of electrostatic charge, while likewise avoiding brand-new static formation in the time of cleaning. — Robert Ross, Robb Report, 2 Apr. 2021 The additional thickness must additionally assist with warm dissipation, allowing Qualcomm to bump up gaming performance without worrying about overheating. — Chris Smith, BGR, 24 Mar. 2021

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