Whenever before you take a trip awide, it’s mainly an excellent concept to learn a couple of phrases from the language of the nation you’re visiting. That way, once you must, you have the right to ask for fundamental points.

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A comparable concept deserve to apply also as soon as you’re traveling to other areas in the USA. Each area has its very own intriguing language and also terminology, and New York is no various.

In this post, we’ll be sharing through you some New York slang words for negative. You deserve to usage these words to describe a variety of unfavorable situations.

Let’s jump ideal in.

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Keep This in Mind…
New York Slang Words for Bad (And Instances of How to Use Them)
Wrap Up

Keep This in Mind…

We’re going to be including a number of different slang words in this overview. While every one of them have negative meanings, they don’t just suppose “bad” across the board.

In other words, every time you can say “negative,” you can’t necessarily substitute it via simply any type of of the words in this overview. With each word, we’ll encompass an instance of just how you deserve to use it, so you understand also what it uses to.

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Make certain you pay attention to these examples. That will keep you from sounding like you don’t know what you’re talking about if you decide to try these words out.

New York Slang Words for Bad (And Examples of How to Use Them)



(verb): Freaking out or being too dramatic.Example: “Calm down, you’re buggin appropriate now.”



(adjective): Someone who is dirty or gross.Example: “I don’t want to sit beside him – he’s crusty.”



(adjective): Immature, disrespectful, or rude. Generally supplied to describe a perchild.Example: “I don’t even want talk to you best now, you’re being dayroom.”



(noun): Somepoint you don’t want to perform or an occasion you don’t desire to attfinish.Example: “Let’s leave this bar. It’s a dub.”



(noun): Someone that has betrayed you or is untrusted.Example: “I wouldn’t leave my money via him if I were you – he’s a grimey.”



(adjective): Another way of referring to someone who is suspicious or untrusted.Example: “I don’t trust my boyfrifinish, bereason he’s been sus lately.”



(adjective): Angry or upcollection.Example: “I was so tight last night after my girlfrifinish sassist I was sus.”



(adjective): Appalling, unappealing, or disgusting.Example: “John’s food preparation is whack. He made a peanut butter and pickle sandwich last night.”



(adjective): Out of control, over the height.Example: “My boyfrifinish was wildin after the Yankees shed.”

Note: You normally don’t pronounce the ‘d’ in wildin. It often tends to be pronounced favor you’re saying “wylin.”

Wrap Up

Tright here you have actually it – a quick list of well-known New York slang terms that can be used to refer to somepoint bad. The following time you run into something bad, why not try utilizing among these terms to describe it?

If you’re trying to find an extensive list of New York slang, attempt looking at our ultimate guide.