Ever have actually a video on your Facebook brand page that you think would appeal to followers of another page but think a share won’t maximise the potential reach? Cross posting is below to assist.

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What this means is that you have the right to permit various other peras to short article videos that have actually been posted to your page, however they will certainly show up as native videos on the web page that’s cross posting.

In the past, both peras would have actually had actually to be under the very same organization manager account yet that’s all changed and also it’s currently really easy.

So basically — if Page 1 have a video clip that they think would certainly appeal to the followers on Page 2 or Page 3, all they have to perform is tick to allow those pages the ability to cross post that video (it’s among the tabs once you’re initially uploading a video) and then those pperiods can usage that video as if it were a native video on their very own page.


Tright here are of course drawbacks to this in that the web page that originated the video won’t gain complete credit — although if the video has actually adequate branding and the cross posting page renders certain to tag in the original web page then this will absolutely help the user to see where the content originated. The upside is of course that native video will have actually a a lot larger reach than a share — so it’s a bit of a case-by-case technique that’s compelled really.

The web page that originated the video have the right to view complete stats for all the offers of that video and an accumulative total of views will show up under the video on all supplies.

Setting it up

To set up cross posting — the first thing to carry out on both peras is head to Publishing Tools > Settings and also then near the bottom of the alternatives on the left hand side is “Cross posting” — this allows you to include a cross posting connection between peras (both pperiods need to include each other here).

The pperiods you include don’t obtain a notice at this phase so it’s worth giving the page admins a nudge.



You’ll then view a section referred to as “Videos you can crosspost” under Videos and an alert likewise appears on your page likewise mirroring exactly how many type of videos you can cross post. Click among these and also “New Article With This Video” will be one of the options — hey presto!



If you haven’t allowed cross posting on a video clip as soon as initially uploaded;

you can go earlier and modify the cross posting civil liberties by means of the video library (the very same means you would certainly add videos to civil liberties manager retrospectively)if you have boosted a article, you won’t be able to modify these civil liberties — making a brand-new short article through the video allows you to access these civil liberties aobtain, if you have added these legal rights and also then left the post in draft instead of scheduling it aobtain, you have to leave it tright here permanently as deleting this from drafts will certainly remove it from other pperiods that have cross posted.

One last point — if you remove a page’s cross posting civil liberties then any type of content of yours that they have used will certainly be automatically deleted from their page.

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