What is the distinction in between calm, cool and collective and calm, cool and collected?

What is the definition of collective or collected when supplied in this way?

I checked the dictionary but still execute not acquire it.

collective adj 1. developed or assembled by arsenal 2. developing a entirety or aggregate 3. of, done by, or characteristic of individuals acting in cooperation n 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a. a cooperative enterpclimb or unit, such as a cumulative farm b. the members of such a cooperative 2. (Linguistics / Grammar) brief for cumulative noun

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Collective suggests “done by a group of people”; it does not go well through calm and cool. Collected implies “not distracted”, and also it can be supplied through calm and cool.


Calm, cool and collective is most likely a malapropism. Calm, cool and collected is the actual expression. The just exemption would certainly be if the previous showed up as a tagline or motto for a collective, yet I uncover that unlikely.



Calm. Cool and Collected. A expression supplied once someone is in a instance wbelow they feel completly tranquil, entirely composed, and are certain of themselves, or in regulate.Collective is a group of points, names etc. put together typically by members of a team. Most most likely a typo or not hearing the word "collected" thinking it to be "collective"


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