CONSUMMATE, v.t. L. See Sum. To end; to end up by completing what was intended; to perfect; to lug or bring to the utmost allude or degree.

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He had a mind to consummate the happiness of the day.

CONSUMMATE, a. Complete; perfect; brought to the uta lot of level or degree; as consummate greatness or felicity.


CONSUMMATED, pp. Completed; perfected; ended.


CONSUMMATELY, adv. Completely; perfectly.


CONSUMMATING, ppr. Completing; accomplishing; perfecting.



1. Completion; end; perfection of a word, process or scheme.

2. The end or completion of the existing system of things; the finish of the civilization.

3. Death; the finish of life.

Consummation of marital relationship, the most intimate union of the sexes, which completes the connubial relation.

Definitions from Webster"s Amerihave the right to Thesaurus of the English Language, 1828.

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