1 : a disastrous event noted by good loss and also lasting dianxiety and also experiencing calamities of nature an financial calamity

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Synonyms for calamity


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Twenty two years passed. Twenty-two years of great health and wellness and the boundmuch less self-assurance that flows from being fit—twenty-two years spared the devil that is illness and also the calamity that waits in the wings. — Phillip Roth, Everyman, 2006 A resentment born of the suspicion that all along the media were approximately their usual tricks, hyping a national calamity to the max in order to make us buy more duplicates and also tune into TV specials … — Christopher Buckley, Time, 29 Nov. 1999 In the wake of this year"s unending tragedies, tright here has actually been renewed conversation of the require for an worldwide quick deployment pressure that deserve to kick dvery own doors to help victims of calamities. — Kathleen Hunt, New York Times Magazine, 28 July 1991 floods, earthquakes, and also various other calamities He predicted calamity for the economy.
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Recent Instances on the Net The management plans to conduct an testimonial of the calamity as soon as evacuations are completed. — Alisa Wiersema, ABC News, 18 Aug. 2021 Between the long, dense stormy and also the strong sea wind, the the majority of minute mistake can lead to calamity, via numerous players" tournament really hopes coming to a crashing end over the years. — Ben Morse, CNN, 17 July 2021 And climate scientists point toward 2 particular things that have contributed to this week"s calamity. — Raf Casert, ajc, 17 July 2021 Some ago in the 1930s saw the exceptionally concept of a minimum wage as setting America on the road to calamity. — Andrei Cherny, Fortune, 11 June 2021 But this is not exactly how trauma works, particularly for those that are closest to the calamity. — Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker, 25 May 2021 Dov Waxman, professor of Israel studies at UCLA and writer of a number of publications about the dispute, sassist there were beforehand and clear indications that Israelis and Palestinians were headed to calamity. — Tracy Wilkinchild Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 12 May 2021 Believing in--and acting upon--falsehoods often will result in calamity for ourselves, others close to us and the country. — Mike Masterboy, Arkansas Online, 11 Apr. 2021 Today the shortage of fundamental offers, alongside poor experimentation and the slow vaccine rollout, stands as a symbol of the broken federal response to a worldwide calamity that has eliminated even more than a half-million Americans. — New York Times, 6 Mar. 2021

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History and also Etymology for calamity

Center English calamytey, from Latin calamitat-, calamitas; possibly akin to Latin clades damage