Back to Words index Back to Animal words index Bullock, Calf The signification of bullocks, is the great of innocence and of charity in the external or organic guy. That beasts that were sacrificed signified the high quality of the good and fact from which was the worship, (AC 922, 1823, 2180, 3519). That gentle and also useful beasts signify the celestial things of the good of love, and also the spiritual points of the truth of belief, and also that on this account they were employed in the sacrifices, (AC 9280). That a bullock signifies the great of innocence and also of charity in the exterior or natural guy, is because animals of the herd signified affections of great and reality in the external or herbal man, and also those of the flock, affections of great and also reality in the internal or spiritual male (AC 2566, 5913, 6048, 8937, 9135). The animals of the flock were lambs, she-goats, sheep, rams, he-goats; and those of the herd were oxen, bullocks, and also calves. Lambs and sheep signified the great of innocence and also of charity in the inner or spiritual man; subsequently calves and also bullocks, being of an extra tender age than oxen, signified the prefer in the exterior or organic man. <2> That bullocks and also calves signify this great, is evident from the passperiods in the Word wright here they are mentioned; as in Ezekiel:-- The feet of the four living creatures, a right foot; and also the single of their feet as the single of a calf"s foot; and they glittered like the appearance of burnished brass (Ezek. 1:7); speaking of the cherubs, which are described by the 4 living creatures. That the cherubs signify the guard or providence of the Lord to proccasion any kind of approach to Himself except through great, (AC 9277). External or natural great was stood for by the right foot, and also by the single of the foot being favor the single of a calf"s foot; for the feet represent the things of the herbal man; the right foot those which are of excellent, and also the sole of the feet those which are ultimate, in the herbal man. That the feet have this signification, (AC 2162, 3147, 3761, 3986, 4280, 4938-4952, 5327, 5328); also that the heels, soles, and hoofs represent the ultimate things in the natural guy, (AC 4938, 7729). The factor why the soles of the feet glittered favor the appearance of burnished brass, was that brass signifies organic excellent (AC 425, 1551), and also brass glittering as though burniburned, signifies great resplendent from the light of heaven, which is fact Divine proceeding from the Lord. From what has actually been shelp it is noticeable that by a calf is signified the good of the exterior or natural male. <3> In choose manner in John:-- Round about the throne were 4 pets complete of eyes prior to and also behind. And the initially animal was prefer a lion, and the second animal favor a calf, and the third pet had a confront prefer a man, and the fourth pet was like a flying eagle (Rev. 4:6, 7); below likewise by the 4 pets which are cherubs, is signified the guard and providence of the Lord to prevent His being approached except with the great of love; the guard itself is effected by suggests of reality and its derivative good, and also by implies of good and its derivative fact. Truth and also its derivative good, in the outside form, are signified by the lion and the calf; and also great and also its derivative fact, in the inner create, are signified by the face of a guy and by the flying eagle. That a lion denotes fact from excellent in its power, (AC 6367), consequently the calf denotes the good itself ttherefore derived. <4> In Hosea:-- Rerevolve ye unto Jehovah; say unto Him, Take ameans all iniquity, and accept great, and also we will certainly repay the bullocks of our lips (Hosea 14:2); no one have the right to know what is supposed by repaying the bullocks of the lips unmuch less he knows what is signified by bullocks and also by lips. That it denotes confession and thanksoffering from a good heart, is evident; for it is sassist, rerotate ye unto Jehovah, say unto Him accept good, and also then, we will certainly repay the bullocks of our lips, denoting to confess Jehovah from the items of doctrine, and to give many thanks to Him; for the lips represent the things of doctrine (AC 1286, 1288). <5> In Amos:-- Ye attract the dwelling of violence; they lie upon beds of cream color, and also eat the lambs out of the flock, and also the calves out of the middle of the stall (Amos 6:3, 4); right here are explained those who are in abundance of the knowledges of excellent and truth, and yet live an evil life; eating the lambs out of the flock denotes to learn and proper to one"s self the products of innocence that belong to the internal or spiritual man; eating the calves out of the midst of the stall denotes to learn and also correct to one"s self the goods of innocence that belong to the outside or herbal male. That eating denotes to correct (AC 3168, 3513, 3596, 3832, 4745); and also that lambs signify the products of innocence, (AC 3519, 3994, 7840). And as lambs represent the internal products of innocence, it complies with that calves out of the midst of the stall represent the exterior products of innocence; for in the Word, especially in the prophetic Word, it is usual to treat of fact wherever before good is treated of, on account of the heavenly marriage (AC 9263, 9314); and also to stop of outside things where inner points are spoken of. Moreover the stall (offered for fattening) and fat denote the good of interior love (AC 5943). <6> In favor manner in these passages:-- Unto you that are afraid My name shall the sunlight of righteousness aclimb with healing in his wings; that ye may go forth, and also thrive favor calves of the stall (Mal. 4:2). The father sassist of the prodigal boy who had changed repentant in heart, Bring forth the chief robe, and put it on him; and also put a ring on his hand also, and shoes on his feet; and bring the fatted calf, and also kill it; and let us eat, and be glad (Luke 15:22, 23); one that apprehends only the sense of the letter, will certainly believe that nopoint deeper is concealed here; as soon as yet each specific infolds heavenly things; as that they must put on him the chief robe; that they have to put a ring on his hand, and also shoes on his feet; and have to lug the fatted calf, and kill it, so that they can eat and also be glad. By the prodigal boy are supposed those that have actually been prodigal of heavenly riches, which are the knowledges of excellent and also truth; by his return to his father, and his confession that he was not worthy to be dubbed his kid, is signified repentance of heart and also humiliation; by the chief robe which was to be put upon him are signified basic truths (AC 4545, 5248, 5319, 5954, 6914, 6917, 9093, 9212, 9216); and also by the fatted calf basic products matching to these truths. The choose is signified by calves and bullocks in other passeras (Isa. 11:6; Ezek. 39:18; Ps. 29:6; 69:31), also in the burnt-offerings and sacrifices (Exod. 29:11-14; Lev. 4:3-12 and 13-21; 8:14-17; 9:2; 16:3; 23:18; Num. 8:8-12; 15:24-26; 28:19, 20; Judges 6:25-28; 1 Sam. 1:25; 16:2; 1 Kings 18:23-26, 33). <7> The reason why the sons of Israel created themselves a gold calf, and worshiped it rather of Jehovah (Exod. 32), was that the Egyptian idolaattempt continued to be in their hearts, although they confessed Jehovah through their mouths. Chief among the idols of Egypt were heifers and bull-calves of gold, for the reason that a female calf signified memory-reality, which is the fact of the herbal man; and a bull-calf the great of this truth, which is the great of the organic man; and also bereason gold signified excellent. This excellent and also this reality were effigied tbelow by male and also female calves of gold. But once the representatives of heavenly points tright here had actually been turned right into idolatries, and at last right into magic, then in Egypt, as in other locations, the exceptionally effigies which had actually been representative became idols, and began to be worshiped. Hence came the idolatries of the ancients, and also the magical arts of Egypt. <8> For the Old Church, which flourished the Most Old Church, was a representative church, all the worship of which consisted in rites, statutes, judgments, and also commandments that represented Divine and also heavenly thing, which are the inner points of the church After the flood this Old Church was spcheck out with much of the Asiatic world, and also was likewise in Egypt. But in Egypt the memory-knowledges of this church were grew, wbelow by the Egyptians excelled all others in the knowledge of correspondences and depictions, as can be seen from the hieroglyphics, and also from the magical arts and also idols there; and also from the various things related around Egypt in the Word. Hence it is that by Egypt in the Word is signified memory-understanding in basic, both regarding fact and as to good; additionally the organic, for memory-knowledge belongs to the organic guy. The same was signified also by a female and also a male calf. <9> That the Ancient Church, which was a representative church, was spread through many type of kingdoms, and was additionally in Egypt, (AC 1238, 2385, 7097); that the memory-knowledges of the church were specifically cultivated in Egypt, and that therefore by Egypt in the Word is signified memory-knowledge in both senses, (AC 1164, 1165, 1186, 1462, 4749, 4964, 4966, 5700, 5702, 6004, 6015, 6125, 6651, 6679, 6683, 6692, 6693, 6750, 7779, 7926); and also as memory-fact and its good are the truth and also great of the organic man, therefore by Egypt in the Word is also signified the organic, (AC 4967, 5079, 5080, 5095, 5160, 5276, 5278, 5280, 5288, 5301, 6004, 6015, 6147, 6252). <10> From all this it is now apparent that female and male calves were among the chief idols of Egypt, for the factor that female and also male calves signified memory-fact and its excellent, which belong to the herbal male, in like manner as does Egypt itself; so that Egypt and also a calf had the same signification, wherefore it is shelp of Egypt in Jeremiah:-- Egypt is a really beautiful she-calf; damage is come out of the north. Also her hired men in the midst of her are like he-calves of the stall (Jer. 46:20, 21); a she-calf denotes the memory-reality of the natural man; the hired males who are he-calves denote those that carry out what is excellent for the sake of profit (AC 8002); hence he-calves signify such excellent as in itself is not good, yet is the delight of the herbal guy sepaprice from the spiritual. This is the delight in which were the sons of Jacob, being in itself idolatrous; and also therefore they were allowed to make this well-known and also testify it by the adoration of a calf (Exod. 32). <11> This is likewise defined in David:-- They made a calf in Horeb, and bowed themselves to a molten image; and also they adjusted their glory into the effigy of an ox that eateth the herb (Ps. 106:19, 20); by making a calf in Horeb and also bowing themselves to a molten picture is signified idolatrous worship, which is that of rites, statutes, judgments, and also commandments, in the external develop only; and not at the very same time in the interior. That that country remained in external things without anything internal, (AC 9320, 9373, 9377, 9380, 9382); and that therefore they were idolatrous in their hearts, (AC 3732, 4208, 4281, 4825, 5998, 7401, 8301, 8871, 8882). By their changing their glory into the effigy of an ox that eateth the herb is signified that they estranged themselves from the interior things of the Word and of the church, and worshiped what is external, which is mere memory-understanding devoid of life; for glory denotes what is internal of the Word and also of the church (AC 2135a, 5922, 8267, 8427); the effigy of an ox denotes a semblance of great in the external form, for an effigy denotes a semblance, hence that which is devoid of life; and an ox denotes great in the natural, therefore excellent in the outside create (AC 2566, 2781, 9134); to eat the herb denotes to correct this to one"s self as a mere matter of memory; for to eat denotes to appropriate (AC 3168, 3513, 3596, 4745); and also the herb denotes memory-expertise (AC 7571). <12> Thus things were signified by the golden calf, that was worshiped by the sons of Israel rather of Jehovah, therefore Moses proceeded through it in the following manner:-- Your sin, the calf which ye made, I took, and burned it via fire, and also crumelted it, grinding it well, till it was as fine as dust; and I cast the dust thereof into the brook that came dvery own from the mountain (Deut. 9:21); no one knows why the golden calf was so faced, unmuch less he knows what is signified by being melted through fire, crumelted, ground, and also made as fine as dust; and what by the brook that came dvery own from the hill, into which the dust was actors. Tright here is right here defined the state of those that worship outside points without anypoint internal; namely, that they are in the evils of the loves of self and also of the people, and also in the falsities tthus acquired, in respect to what is from the Divine, hence in respect to the Word. For the fire whereby the calf was burned denotes the evil of the love of self and also of the human being (AC 1297, 1861, 2446, 5071, 5215, 6314, 6832, 7324, 7575); the dust right into which it was cruburned, denotes the consequent falsity confirmed from the feeling of the letter of the Word; and the brook from Mount Sinai denotes reality Divine, hence the Word in the letter, for this comes dvery own from it. For those who are in external points without anything internal define the Word in favor of their very own loves, and also watch therein earthly points, and also nopoint of heavenly points, favor the Israelites and Jews of old, and also additionally of this day. <13> Similar things were additionally stood for by the calves of Jeroboam in Bethel and in Dan (1 Kings 12:26-33; 2 Kings 17:16), of which we check out in Hosea:-- They have actually made a king, however not by Me; they have made princes, and also I kbrand-new it not; their silver and also their gold have they made right into idols, that they may be cut off. Thy calf, O Samaria, hath deserted, for this likewise is from Israel, the workman made it, and it is no God, for the calf of Samaria shall be damaged in pieces (Hosea 8:4-6); the subject below treated of is the perverted knowledge and also distorted unfolding of the Word by those who are in external points without anypoint internal; for they reprimary in the feeling of the letter of the Word, which they wrest so as to favor their very own loves and the principles taken from them. <14> Making a king, but not by Me; and also making princes, and also I kbrand-new it not denotes to hatch reality and main truths from their very own light, and not from the Divine, for in the inner sense a king denotes truth (AC 1672, 2015, 2069, 3009, 4581, 4966, 5044, 5068, 6148); and also princes represent main truths (AC 1482, 2089, 5044); making their silver and also their gold right into idols denotes to pervert the memory-knowledges of reality and also good from the literal sense of the Word, in favor of their own cupidities, and also still to worship them as holy, although, being from their own intelligence, they are devoid of life; for silver denotes the truth, and gold the great, that are from the Divine, for this reason that belengthy to the Word (AC 1551, 2954, 5658, 6914, 6917, 8932); and also idols denote doctrinal things from man"s own intelligence which are worshiped as holy, and yet have actually no life in them (AC 8941) from which it is apparent that by a king and also princes, and also additionally by silver and gold, are signified falsities from evil; for those points which are from man"s very own are from evil, and in turn are falsities, although outwardly they appear like truths, bereason taken from the literal feeling of the Word. From this it is obvious what is signified by the calf of Samaria which the workmale made, namely, great in the organic male and not at the same time in the spiritual man; therefore that which is not excellent, because used to evil. The workguy made it, and it is no God, denotes that it is from man"s very own, and also not from the Divine; to be broken in pieces denotes to be distributed. <15> Comparable things are expected by calves in Hosea:-- They sin even more and more, and also make them a molten image of their silver, even idols in their very own knowledge, wholly the work-related of the craftsmen; talking to them, sacrificing males, kissing calves (Hosea 13:2). From all this it is currently evident what is signified by a calf, and also a bullock, in the complying with passages:-- The unicorns shall come dvery own via them, and the bullocks with strong ones, and also their land also shall be drunken with blood, and also their dust shall be made fat with fatness (Isa. 34:7). The defenced city is solitary, the habitation is abandoned and forsaken choose a wilderness; tbelow shall the calf feed, and tbelow shall he lie dvery own, and also consume the branches thereof; the harvest thereof shall wither (Isa. 27:10). From the cry of Heshbon also unto Elealeh, also unto Jahaz, have they uttered their voice, from Zoar also unto Horonaim, a she-calf of 3 years old; for the waters of Nimrim also shall become desolations (Jer. 48:34). My heart crieth out for Moab; her fugitives are also unto Zoar, a she-calf of three years old; for in the ascent of Luhith via weeping he shall go up (Isa. 15:5). Ephraim is a she-calf that is taught, that loveth to thresh (Hos. 10:11). Rebuke the wild beast of the reed, the congregation of the solid ones, among the calves of the peoples, trampling under foot the fragments of silver; He hath scattered the individuals, they desire wars (Ps. 68:30); <16> the subject right here treated of is the arrogance of those that wish to enter from memory-knowledges right into the mysteries of belief, and who are not willing to acknowledge anything however that which they themselves hatch therefrom. As they perform not watch anypoint from the light of heaven which is from the Lord, but only from the light of nature which is from man"s own, they seize on shadows instead of light, on fallacies instead of realities, and also in general on falsity rather of reality. As they think insanely, bereason from the lowest points, they are referred to as the wild beastern of the reed; and also as they factor with vehemence, they are dubbed the congregation of the solid ones; and as they disperse the truths that are still remaining and scattered among the goods of those that are in the truths of the church, it is shelp of them that they trample under foot the pieces of silver among the calves of the individuals, and also additionally that they scatter the individuals, that is, the church itself through its truths; the lust of attacking and also ruining these truths is supposed by desiring wars. From all this it is again obvious that calves signify goods. <17> In (Zechariah 12:4) it is shelp, I will certainly smite every steed of the peoples through blindness; and also by the steed of the peoples are signified the intellectual things of reality with those that are of the church, because a steed denotes the understanding of truth (AC 2761). But it is here said, trampling under foot the pieces of silver, and also scattering the individuals among the calves of the peoples; and by trampling under foot and scattering" is signified to cast dvery own and disperse (AC 258). By silver is signified truth, (AC 1551, 2954, 5658, 6112, 6914, 6917, 7999, 8932); and also by individuals those of the church that are in truths, (AC 2928, 7207), therefore the truths of the church, (AC 1259, 1260, 3295, 3581). Therefore by the calves of the peoples are signified the items of the will certainly with those that are of the church. <18> Furthermore, that calves signify products, is obvious in Jeremiah:-- I will certainly give the men that have transgressed My covenant, who have actually not established the words of the covenant which they have made prior to Me, of the calf which they cut in twain, that they could pass between the parts thereof; the princes of Judah, and also the princes of Jerusalem, the imperial ministers and the clergymans, and also all the people of the land also, who have actually passed in between the components of the calf; I will certainly also provide them into the hand also of their opponents, that their carcass may be for food to the bird of the heavens, and to the beast of the earth (Jer. 34:18-20); no one have the right to recognize what is supposed by the covenant of the calf, and also what by passing in between the parts thereof, unmuch less knows what is signified by a covenant, by a calf, by its being divided right into two parts; likewise what is signified by the princes of Judah and of Jerusalem, by the eunuchs, the clergymans, and the people of the land also. It is noticeable that some heavenly secret is infolded. However this secret have the right to appear to the expertise as soon as it is recognized that a covenant denotes conjunction, a calf good, a calf cut in twain excellent proceeding from the Lord on the one side, and also good obtained by male on the other; and also that the princes of Judah and also of Jerusalem, through the imperial ministers and the priests, and the individuals of the land also, represent the truths and also items of the church from the Word; and that to pass between the components denotes to conjoin. From all these points, as soon as they are known, it is obvious that the interior feeling of these words is, that tbelow was no conjunction of the great proceeding from the Lord through the good got by male through the Word, consequently with the truths and also goods of the church through that nation; but that tbelow was disjunction, for the reason that they were in external things without anything interior. <19> The like was connected in the covenant of the calf through Abram, of which we read in the book of Genesis:-- Jehovah said unto Abram, Take thee a she-calf of 3 years, and a she-goat of three years, and a ram of 3 years, and also a turtle-dove, and a young pigeon. And he took him all these and also separated them in the midst, and lhelp each part of it over against the other; and also the birds he did not divide. And the fowls came down upon the bodies, and Abram drove them away. And it was once the sunlight was setting, that a deep sleep fell upon Abram, and behold a terror of great darkness falling upon him. And in that day Jehovah made a covenant via Abram (Gen. 15:9-12, 18); a terror of great darkness falling upon Abram signified the state of the Jewish country, in that they were in the biggest darkness in respect to the truths and goods of the church from the Word, because they were in outside points without anypoint inner, and also consequently were in idolatrous worship. For one that is in outside things without anypoint interior is in idolatrous worship, because when he is in worship, his heart and also heart are not in heaven, however in the world; and also he does not worship the holy points of the Word from heavenly love, yet from earthly love. This state of that country is what is explained in the prophet by the covenant of a calf which they had cut right into two components, and between which they passed. from AC 9391 Back to Words index, Back to Animal words index Author: E. Swedenborg (1688-1772). Design: I.J.

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