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deplore, lament, bewail, bemoan intend to expush grief or sorrow for somepoint. deplore implies regret for the loss or special needs of somepoint of value. deplores the breakdown in household worths lament indicates a prouncovered or demonstrative expression of sorrow. lamenting the loss of their only son bewail and bemoan suggest sorrow, disappointment, or protest finding outlet in words or cries, bewail frequently arguing loudness, and also bemoan lugubriousness. fans bewailed the defeat purists bemoaning the corruption of the language

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Many type of civilization bewailed the alters to the historic structure. he invariably spends even more time bewailing his predicament than trying to fix it
Recent Instances on the Web Now Gove’s renote became the source of the ashen taste in the mouths of Remoaner urban elites bewailing how provincial troglodytes, geriatrics, and Little Englanders had damelted their rationalist, internationalist dreams. — Kyle Smith, National Review, 8 Apr. 2020 Trump’s doubters bewailed the outcome as a defeat and a betrayal of our Kurdish allies. — Los Angeles Times, 16 Oct. 2019 Frequently bewailing the know-nothingness of the age, Davenport grooffers that genuine scholarship has actually disappeared because of the vogue for instrumental approaches and appreciations. — Michael Dirda, National Review, 25 July 2019 Understandably, promoters and also artist representatives have actually long bewailed the substantial earnings being made on the additional sector, which takes namong the risk and also puts up namong the resources — and also shares none of its profits — for major live events. — Variety, The Mercury News, 24 July 2019 Across the country, North and also South, Christians gathered in their churches to remember the crucifixion of Christ and also to bewail their sins, which made such a sacrifice necessary. — Jonathan Den Hartog, WSJ, 26 Apr. 2018 While progressives might cheer specific cases prefer Obergefell, current years have watched them supply many harsh assessments of the Supreme Court’s all at once document, bewailing its interpretations of the Constitution that purportedly favor the well-off. — James W. Lucas, National Review, 8 Dec. 2017

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