M implies “medium” width in women’s shoe dimension. Sometimes, B is also described as the medium width in women’s shoe dimension rather of M.

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For all of us, walking is simply an daily task. And at the end of the day, shoes are necessary for this function. However, finding the best dimension of sneakers or shoes to walk comfortably is not constantly easy. You should acquire a pair with a nice fit.

Tright here are two the majority of important things you need to save in mind as soon as choosing comfortable cross training shoes, including shoe size and shoe width. Lots of you could have actually come across some abbreviations and also letters, such as M, D, BM, H, D(m), B(m), and many kind of various other letterings. So, what does M suppose in shoe size? In this write-up, I will explain these terms and also various other important points so that you deserve to pick the best shoe dimension following time shopping for brand-new shoes.

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Different Shoes Width CategoriesHow to Meacertain Shoe Width?

What does M Typical in Shoe Size?


In shoe dimension, M denotes medium shoe width. Sometimes, you will certainly check out two versions, consisting of D(m) and also B(m). while D(m) represents medium shoe width for men, B(m) represents medium shoe width for women.

It ssuggest indicates that m signifies medium, D is medium for males, and B is for women.

For that reason, M helps you distinguish the tool shoe width in between women and also men.

What does H Average in Shoe Size?

H suggests various things. Firstly, H suggests half shoe dimension. For circumstances, if the shoe size is 9H, then it is sindicate 9 ½.

However before, H also stands for extra-wide in shoe size for men in some situations. This depends on the place you are going to buy your shoes. If you are still perplexed, you can constantly ask the salesperboy to help you.

Usually speaking, H is well-known only in men’s shoe sizes. It deserve to lug a sharp impact and also assist them not to look loose while wearing.

What does B Average in Shoe Size?

While width B is the typical width for women’s shoes, it is thought about surprisingly wide and also narrowhead for guys.

You could view that numerous women’s shoes are not marked as thin or wide. In this situation, they are usually marked as B rather. Ladies’ shoes through a B width are typically between 3.6 and 4.1 on the foot’s arch.

M is additionally periodically provided rather of B given that both letters relate to the medium. B is more popular in women’s shoe sizes, while H is more widespread in men’s.

So, next time when you are purchasing new shoes and also view the letter B on the shoe, it implies that the shoes have the right to be either wide or narrow.

What does GS Median in Shoes?

The GS typically stands for “grade school” and also denotes a shoe’s width family member to the child’s foot, and also their size. But what does it really mean? The “G-S” generally describes children shoes, yet just in the USA. Beyond this area (North America and components of Europe), tright here is no meaning behind G-S tagged onto footwear models

GS can be either an acronym or just a household branding that was created by one certain firm. In the majority of instances, it is branded via “G” for girls and also “M” for boys – mirroring us which gender we are looking for. So GS is not really an acronym at all, but you have the right to find it on shoes in different locations.

GS = Girl’s Shoes Some can say that G-S are children’s shoes, while others would certainly argue it implies “shoes for girls.” The exact same goes for M-S standing for boys’ shoes.

Read more around What does GS Average in Shoes?

Different Shoes Width Categories

When it concerns shoe sizes in basic and also shoe width in specific, tbelow are some categories variable in the US as follows:

A Shoe Width

If you commonly wear a pair of shoes through A width, you have actually narrow feet. This is typically more common in womales rather than men. So, it is exceptionally understandable that females tfinish to have smaller feet than males.

A-width shoes frequently have actually average measurements ranging from 3.4 to 3.9 inches on the lower ball of the foot. These dimensions differ relying on your shoe size.

AA and AAA Shoe Width

If A indicates narrowhead in females and also exceptionally narrowhead in males, then AA is even tighter, and also AAA is, of course, even more so. So, you can sometimes see a pair of shoes via AAAA width, yet it is extremely rare.

This simply implies that the even more A letters you view on the sneaker’s tag, the tighter the sneaker is. Basically, for each A on the shoe tag, the shoe width is reduced by 0.25 inches each time.

B Shoe Width

As I pointed out over, B width is more widespread in women’s shoe sizes than in men’s. This is bereason this width is really narrowhead for guys. And a lady that has medium-sized feet will uncover a pair of shoes via B width perfectly fit her feet.

Typically, the B width in shoes is from 3.6 to 4.1 inches on the reduced of the ball of the foot. Apparently, your suitable shoe width is very dependent on the exact size of your foot.

I think that some of you might have knowledgeable purchasing a pair of women’s shoes but couldn’t discover the width size on the shoe tag. In this case, your shoes probably come in a typical shoe width. In various other words, B width is thought about the normal width right here.

But sometimes, you could also come across B(m). So, what does B(m) expect in shoe size? It is simply the average or medium width for women. This means that the letter B will only be seen on women’s shoe sizes, not shoe sizes for guys. And the B width below indicates that the shoe width is either wide or narrow.

C Shoe Width

If you setup to buy a brand-new pair of shoes for guys and check out the letter C on the shoe size tag, it means narrowhead. A C-width pair of shoes for womales, on the various other hand, means wide.

However before, a pair of shoes with a C width is not really widespread for males because they tend to have wide feet. And of course, it is not also renowned among women. It is bereason woguys that wear shoes with a bigger dimension than the traditional size tend to choose the ones through D width.

D Shoe Width

The D-width shoe size is common among both woguys and also men. Nevertheless, D in women’s shoe dimension indicates wide, while D in men’s shoe dimension indicates medium.

Basically, a pair of shoes through a D width has average measurements between 3 and 5 inches on the lower of the foot’s round. Of course, this measurement extremely counts on your shoe dimension. For instance, the side 14D in men’s shoes is 4.5 inches on the lower of the foot’s ball. On the other hand, it is 4 inches throughout the bottom of the foot’s sphere in dimension 10D.

E Shoe Width

As you could all know, women’s shoe sizes are commonly narrower than men’s. So, as regards the E shoe width category, it indicates extra large for females however wide for males.

As usual, the measurement will be established based upon the foot’s size. Generally, a pair of shoes via E width have actually measurements varying from 3.2 to 5.2 inches on the lower of the foot’s ball. For instance, it is 4.7 inches in men’s shoes via 14E width, while 10E men’s shoes will have the measurement of 4.2 inches throughout the reduced of the foot’s sphere.

EE Shoe Width

In this case, EE shoe width means extra large for both women and guys. However before, it is apparent that a pair of EE-width footwear for woguys is narrower than that for males.

For those that don’t know, not many type of women bought shoes with EED width in the previous. That was why the production was really limited. Nevertheless, in the previous 10 years, tbelow has actually been a far-reaching increase in the manufacturing of shoes for this width for different reasons.

Like an additional shoe width, the EE shoe width is measured across the reduced of the foot’s sphere, and also the measurement arrays from 3.4 to 5.4 inches. Aget, this measurement always counts on your shoe dimension.

EEE Shoe Width

So now you understand what EE implies in shoe dimension. You might wonder just how a pair of shoes via EEE width measures. You know, this is not a famous shoe width for both women and males. In other words, this width is tailor-made in a lot of instances.

M Shoe Width

This can be taken into consideration among the most prevalent shoe widths. But what does M suppose in shoe size? If you check out the M letter on the shoe size tag, it indicates that the shoe is neither also wide nor narrowhead. Instead, M means average or medium width. In other words, M indicates tool width in females’ shoe sizes.

Sometimes, you could watch the B(m) abbreviation in shoe sizes. This is more widespread in women’s shoe sizes than in men’s. It is sindicate the tool or average shoe width for women. I have actually stated above that M stands for tool, whereas B denotes an average or medium shoe width.

Chances are you will watch the D(m) on the shoe size tag, and you are likely exploring men’s shoes. But what does D(m) intend in shoe size? This abbreviation shows the medium or average shoe width for males.

As provided formerly, D suggests the medium dimension of male’s shoes, whereas M helps you differentiate that the shoe has an average width.

But what about M? What does M expect in shoe size? If you see the M letter on the shoe size tag, it describes the medium width of the shoe. It is additionally considered the conventional letter indicating the tool width in women’s shoes.

W Shoe Width

What does W expect in shoe size? If M implies tool, then W indicates wide in shoe dimension. Sometimes, you can not uncover the width of a pair of shoes. It implies that the shoes have M width. In various other words, it comes in medium width.

On the various other hand also, if the shoe you are checking out has a W letter on the tag, it implies that the shoes you are holding have a large width. Since the letters M and also W are popularly recognized abbreviations, they are supplied by most shoe manufacturers. This helps customers not to be perplexed once picking the best width for their shoe sizes, typically if they are from various other nations exterior the US.

To help you quickly understand these abbreviations in shoe sizes, I have put together the shoe width sizes of toddlers, womales, and males as listed below.

Toddler’s Shoe Size Chart

WXExtra Wide

Women’s Shoes Width Sizes

AAAASuper slim
EEExtra Wide

Men’s Shoes Width Sizes

DAverage or Medium
EEEExtra Wide

How to Meacertain Shoe Width?

It is more straightforward to measure shoe width when you are buying shoes at shoe stores. However, what to execute if you desire to order online? Well, in this part, I will certainly offer you 3 different methods to meacertain shoe width.

Look for Shoe Charts

You deserve to constantly find shoe dimension charts on the internet. Sindicate google some widespread shoe size charts, and you should have the ability to discover the suitable shoe width loved one to your shoe length. But you will need your precise shoe length if you desire to measure your shoe width with this approach.

With Measuring Tape

This technique seems to be more basic as you don’t must spfinish time in search of online shoe dimension charts. And you can totally execute this at residence with some easy-to-discover gadgets, consisting of measuring tape, a pencil/pen, and also paper.

First, area the paper on the ground and also put among your feet on the paper. Then draw along the contours of your foot through a pencil/pen. It is much easier and also more correct if you ask someone else to execute this for you. Of course, you have the right to do it on your own. Remember to save the pencil/pen cshed to the outline of your foot as it will certainly provide you a much more specific outcome.

But if you will certainly be wearing your socks with your shoes, then it is highly recommfinished to attract your foot’s outline on the paper while wearing your socks.

Then gain the measuring tape and measure the width and also length of the sketch of your foot.

You should measure the width in between which corners are widest. And it must be done horizontally for the a lot of specific measurements.

Tright here is constantly a possibility of error in whatever. So, you must take at leastern two or also 3 sketches of your foot. Then take one that you think is the many correct.

You will additionally want to subtract roughly 0.5 or 0.25 inches from the genuine reading because all the traces from the pencil/pen deserve to lead to variation in the outcome.

And now, you will certainly have the ability to acquire the appropriate width for your shoes.

Using Foot Shapers

Another method to meacertain the shoe width or dimension is making use of Amerideserve to foot shapers. These will tell you your specific foot size. These foot shapers have the right to be easily uncovered digital or at local stores. This deserve to be considered the simplest method among the 3 approaches, however it needs a certain investment, not really expensive though.

The Difference Between Womales and also Men Shoe Width

As you all understand, women and also males have actually various shoe dimension charts as womales tend to have narrower feet than guys.

While A is provided only in women’s shoe sizes, EEE and other letters/abbreviations are overwhelmingly popular among men’s shoe widths. For instance, D is categorized as wide for womales yet medium for men. Even so, several shoe brands are transforming this “standard” to make it suitable for women with bigger feet.

The Importance of Width in Shoes

Measuring the accurate width for your feet is as essential as measuring the correct size. You recognize just how uncomfortable and awkward it is once wearing a pair of shoes that is either as well tight or too wide. Sometimes, it also reasons blisters and also pain. Because of this, you will constantly need to measure your shoe width and also size prior to deciding to buy any type of pair of brand-new shoes.

Generally, the shoe width is calculated by the corner-to-edge distance of the arch of your foot. It is not 100% correct yet considered within standard measurements.

The Impact of Wearing Narrowhead Shoes

If you wear a pair of tight shoes, chances are you will certainly gain a selection of clinical issues, such as bunions, hammertoes, foot deformities, bruises, and so on In some cases, heavy sweating or spasms that have the right to bring about parasitic or bacterial infections are additionally typical troubles.

But What If Shoes are Too Wide

You will certainly feel cozy sufficient if you are wearing a pair of wide shoes. More importantly, it have the right to rub against the front of your toes or the back of your heel. As a result, it causes callus more seriously a bone spike.

Wide shoes will likewise not carry out you through enough stcapacity when you are walking. Your feet have the right to move approximately too much, which can lead to the grating, causing irritations and also injuries. Hammertoes and nail troubles are added worries with shoes that are very significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is B width?

While the B width is thought about the standard shoe width in women’s shoe size, it is extremely tight for men. Women’s shoes can be B width if they are not labeled as being narrowhead or wide. Basically, the B width in shoes has actually the average dimensions from 3.6 to 4.1 inches across the foot’s round.

Is D width wide or medium?

Women’s or men’s shoes have actually their very own requirements once it pertains to shoe width. While D is classified as wide in women’s shoe sizes, it is tool in men’s.

Is D wider than EE?

No, D is narrower than EE in shoe widths. While EE implies extra vast, D denotes tool.

What does M suppose in shoe size?

M stands for medium in shoe width. Sometimes, you will check out B(m) and D(m) on the shoe tag. If the letter B(m) suggests tool or average shoe width for ladies, D(m) suggests medium width in men’s shoes.

What does C suppose in shoe width?

C is typically well-known as extra large as soon as it involves shoe width.


So currently you obtain the answer to the question “what does M intend in shoe size” and also even other prevalent abbreviations. Just remember to meacertain your foot width and also length prior to selecting the shoe size for the most specific result.

Also, the measurements need to be much better done after a walk or at the finish of the day. This is because your foot can be swollen, and also your foot dimension ca boost a little little bit after constant walking. And obviously, you are wearing shoes for walking.

You can also buy shoes digital when you determine the exact measurement of your foot width and also size. But, it is still better to buy them directly at a store.

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